ux430uq touchpad i2c button failure at systemboard level

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  1. System: ux430uq
  2. Battery or AC: n/a
  3. Model: ux430uq
  4. Frequency of occurrence: consistent
  5. Reset OS: tried 5x different os, including linux
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

epost as first one hasn't been approved yet, problemTproblem 1. x waarranty reparreturns s failed to repair faulty touchpad, seems subject to interference, assumed RFOr simply faulty electronics in the touchpad circuits. . Fault exhibits as pointer going erratic and not working as if the finger was oily or wet and as if the palm rest exclusion algorithms were turned off or something and the palm was too close. You try to move the pointer, using a firmly pressed finger that is clean, and the pointer fails to move cleanly, instead it's stuck and erratic and very slow. To allow the pointer to begin moving you swipe your fingers across the full surface and immediately it is restored to full working order moving smoothly. The fault occurs sometimes a few times in a period of 10 minutes, other times it doesn't occur for day sTThis problem I ignore as itonly 's frustrating and hasn't been repaired even after 3x returns to the service cen while under warranty.re.roblem 2clicker doesn't work. Button is 'stuck on' across all different OS installations. Removing the touchpad and ribbon cable doesn't cause the left mouse button to 'no longer be stuck on', clearly showing it is a systemboard fault.. ssistance desired: I'd like to know if there are any sub firmwares, hidden firmwares, or microfirmware that is related to the touchpad and i2c bus that w te ouleft mouse button to be 'permanently stuck on'. Beyond firmware, assuming there is none, at the silicon and PCB level, what IC / resistors / capacitors may have failed causing the left mouse button (the single clicker) to be permanently stuck on, even if the entire assembly with ribbon cable is removed. ld hank you for anyone willing to give it a go and guide me to an attempt to repair! cause to re


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