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I already pointed out this topic few months back but i am again pointing it out so that devs can work on this

We desperately need notification info on Always on display becoz without notification there is no point of using AOD

I am a Samsung S user before so i used AOD for 3 years continuosly and its so bad that i cant use that in rog 3 , so please enable notification and music playback control on AOD


  • We've asking this and many other features since the launch of Rog 2.

    I wish you all the best, because most likely you won't get these features even after Rog 4 or 5 gets released.

  • Sad us ☹️

    I had an option of OnePlus 8 pro and i fell for rubbish marketing

  • I totally agree, the AOD is very poor in the ROG Phones...

    The dev team must do something about it because it really feels like it was just there to check another 'V' on a feature without really implement it right...

    The notification info on an Always-on display is a MUST, what's the point of using an AOD if you can't really see the needed information?

    There are other things like the AOD background, there are not many options for that and why can't we use our own background image?

    Make it a bit more "open" for changes would be great, it would also be nice to have other backgrounds, clock appearance, fonts, size, notification settings, etc.

    Please take this request seriously, it's a "small" change with huge benefits, the user experience will be much better with those features.

    Thank you

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    But you'll lose many things in OOS by the way (a lot of stuff) it's a choice at this point what things are important and what aren't

    For example bypass charging is not available on any phone leaving rog and an sony phone

    Plus OOS doesn't even have an fps meter or real time info like game genie neither any of its features

  • Yea you are right bypass charging is great but atleast we have got a better screen , with better os and faster updates for 3 years and not 2 , way better camera with a little less battery life ofcourse but with better brand value for almost same price

    8pro dont have perfect screen but way better than rog so yeah i think buying this device was a mistake becoz everybody use the device for normal use more than gaming and besides gaming , this device dont have any great experience and its my mistake that i fall for advertising 😣

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    Not really if you see oneplus 8 forums or telegram groups many are complaining there too (OOS 11 was a very buggy update for them) and they have black crush and all too

    Btw rog has better brand value in after market right now camera wise not much difference (rog has good gcam support too)

    One thing I'll agree on is yes oneplus does promise 3 android os upgrades that's good

    But one thing is that 3rd update is very late for example see 2018's oneplus 6 it'll get android 11 by either this year's end or 2022 and still it'll end up being buggy like OnePlus 5/t's android 10 with many broken features

    Hardware and software combination wise rog is miles ahead of its competitors

    Only thing they need to improve is software support and give 3 os versions of android

  • Other than the camera which is a bit choppy during night or 0,6 zoom,legit everything else works smoothly as hell, especially when on 160

    Exactly as you said,in terms of performance, software and hardware its miles ahead

  • Hi Saifuddin,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    All your feedback are considered and nothing is ignored. Do note not all feedback can be made available or implemented due to variety of reasons.

  • Yes me too regretting the decision.

    Went to service center 5 times for different issues, still I am facing heavy frame drops while playing games, any high end game.

    Other Rog users don't have this issue but I do. I saw my friend's OnePlus 7, games work so smooth in it. I don't know what I am doing with this phone. Money wasted.

    I could have easily bought OP 7 Pro but Asus got the best of me.


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