How can I solve my pubgm frame drop issues and screen recording frame drop issues??

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  • Buddy, I am also facing same issue tried everything nothing worked. I saw my friend's OnePlus 7 handling the game very well, so I suspected something could be wrong with my device although that is very very rare scenario.

    I went to the service center yesterday, I was shocked because service center guy gave me his Rog 2 to try and that Rog 2 didn't experience a frame drop. It was within 58-60 fps. Mine would drop to around 30s sometimes.

    Showed them the issue, they have accepted it as an issue. Now they'll flash software first and then if the issue persists they'll check the hardware.

    So, run up to the service center.

  • How did the service centre guy helped??

  • The service guy gave me his Rog 2 to see if there are similar frame drops but there wasn't any frame drops in that phone, so my phone definitely had some issue.

    I need to backup all my files.

    So I'll be dropping my phone at the service center tomorrow, they'll first flash the software then if the issue persists they'll go to hardware.

  • The worse thing of all is that we purchased a gaming phone which can't handle games whatever the issue might be. My phone has gone to service center two times earlier first time it stopped charging second time power button was flushed with the panel during the first repair.

    I am very fed up that why I purchased this phone, cursing myself everyday.

    Software issues are one thing but hardware, oh man it hurts because after warranty you basically have to spend more than half of the amount you bought the phone for, just for repairs, you can see the forum it is filled with it.

    I should have gone with OnePlus or Samsung.

    I don't know what Asus is installing a substandard hardware or what.

    I hope you get yours fixed too.

  • Have you tried XMode Lvl 3, if you see noticeable frame drops in that then there's a hardware problem.

  • No I didn't experience in normal tdm matches but I had experienced frame drops in classic matches that too when more enemies are near to me.i didn't tried level3 mode I will test that.

  • So I guess that is normal, your unit doesn't have an issue. Frame drops in hot drops or when the enemy is nearby is quite a common issue with pubg. Try Level 3 and do let me know, we'll see what happens.

  • Ok I'll check it out.But bro when I do screen recording the frames go to 70like that I got shocked by seeing this. What could I do for that

  • XMode level 3 is your best bet. If still frames go down to 70 then either GPU can't handle it or game isn't optimized.

  • Thanks for the suggestion

  • Did u experience frame drop during screen recording

  • Yes, always (you could check the recording that I sent to you earlier) as the issue's with the hardware (maybe ram). I have submitted my phone to the service center let's see how it is when it comes back.

  • Bro can u suggest me where I can get the earphone jack

  • Earphone Jack??

  • I got solved that issue. But only screen recording is my prob

  • Hi bro,

    I received my phone from service center. Normally, my phone runs fine during pubg say 50-60 during normal games. 35-50 in hot drop locations.

    But to my surprise what I noticed was that there massive frame drops while recording. Do you experience this issue too? If not, then I guess the problem is with my device. I'll need to visit service center again.

  • Ya. I experience the same problem when screen recording .when I play normally it frames doesn't drop untill unless in hot drops.

  • Do you own Rog 2 or Rog 3 because I also saw your post in Rog 3 discussion.

    Also can you please post a video recording. I also post a video recording.

  • I own rog 3 broo

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