Enemies knock me out just when they appear in the frame in close encounter similar case with long

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:ROG Phone 3 (Tencent)
  2. Firmware Version: 17.0823.2012.122
  3. Rooted or not: unrooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: all the time
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): PubgM

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


In mid range and long range fights or when they shoot me from my back, I wouldn't know that they're shooting at me as my health bar doesn't get updated quickly, as a result , my health bar updates after I get knocked or after I have taken multiple shots. It isn't the problem of my wifi, as my wifi is super fast .( I play classic with 60 fps)

In close encounters, enemies don't render fast , so I get knocked out even before they come 'in frame' for me.

When I first bought the device, pubg worked perfectly fine till what I recall.

After the 90 fps update, my device has ,at times , performed unjustifiably poor.

( More frequent desynchronizations nowadays in classic matches whereas in arena , it works fine, the problem is only in classic )

If public demands, I could in the future, upload the clip of the same as proof.



  • This is the problem with the server or on your internet not the phone. Try to watch some video's on youtube why people keep killing you when they just peek the corner that you're holding.

  • Well i do demand. Upload the videos asap because i can not really believe what I'm reading. You are just describing a really bad case of desync, probably an overexaggerated one too and you said this issue started after you got the update. Tencent brought the update which means this is on them.

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    Thanks for the replies, I will upload a clip soon ...( Btw I get a constant 94 mbps net speed on my phone, it's a 250 mbps wifi) It cannot be a server problem as my teammates who play on iphones don't experience this whatsoever.

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    Above are the video clips of the desync.

    The one below may or may not be desync in your opinion but personally I felt it was.

    Do let me know what you feel in the comments section!

  • Here's the deal. I've watched all 3 videos and found nothing unusual. Zero. My suspicion was correct that you were just overexaggerating this whole desync problem. There didn't even seem to be any desync, actually. The 1st clip had nothing out of the ordinary. The uzi guy at the 2nd clip did legit damage as soon as he got up - Nothing weird. At the 3rd clip is where i got a bit worried as you don't even seem to have good, proper game sense. You're saying that that might have been "desync" but you don't even seem to realize that the guy you were shooting at wasn't the one that shot you back. It was a different guy at your 1 o'clock. No desync there. Just your lack of experience (no offense).

  • This has to be a troll

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    Thanks for watching the 3 clips and trying to help me out. You clearly missed the catch out of the second clip, the desync didn't occur in close encounters, it happened around the time he threw the smoke to revive his m8.

    The first clip, again, the desync did occur when the first guy just skipped frames and went around the tree in no time.

    (Btw, these clips are from the same match)

    And about the third one, i am aware it was another guy who took shots at me, bruh. I also mentioned I wasn't sure about that one, you don't need to criticize me for that one, I had to screen record and make them into shorter clips and compress them into smaller mp4 files,before uploading them here, so I'm defo not trolling @nightmaster552 !

    See, I might not know about desync as much as you @Craven, and it might just be 'normal'.

    What I exp on a personal level, like when I start pubg after long hours of inactivity, pubg runs smooth , ZERO desync,but when I enter the 2nd , 3rd or 4th match in the same session, this desync becomes more prevalent and I have noticed that enough times to be able to elaborate on it, if I had to bluff, I wouldn't do it here n waste your time.

    Infact, another guy on my other discussion said he experienced the same on his ROG 3 and wishes Asus fixes it.

    I did write an email to Asus about the same and got back an email saying I must update to latest firmware, backup my data, n reset my phone, which I had done about two weeks ago.

    But this desync I'm talking about, isn't exaggerated.

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    Btw I do appreciate your quick and helpful reply @Craven

  • No problem, man. I understand that there may be times where an issue isn't conveyable by screen recordings and only the user can feel and experience it firsthand through actual gameplay but honestly, it's really just not that noticeable in the videos. I probably even had worse but i just don't care enough because i deal with desync everyday (40-90ms). Btw, i still feel it's a bit exaggerated though, seriously. Just don't worry about it.

  • Your lack of understanding how online games work in a nutshell is hilarious. Desync happens because of the way pubg is made, it has nothing to do with your phone and everything about netcode. The Pubg mobile version is such as massive clown fiesta that everything is clientside, because of that you can literally have no recoil, aimbot and whatnot by editing your pubg game, needles to say if someone has crappy internet connection or a bad phone with FPS drops guess what happens? They desync from the game causing all sorts of weird things for EVERYONE, not only themselves.

    To illustrate an extreme example of this, look no further than SAMP (San andreas multiplayer). You can have the most ridicolously overpowered PC running the game at 2000fps, you will still see massive desync issues due to other players.

    Hence I'm saying you gotta be trolling. Not only that but because of Pubg's bad netcode you want support from ASUS?

    That's like me blaming some random PC vendor that Cyberpunk is bugged, lmao.

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    @Craven , @nightmaster552 , thank you guys for your responses, I respect them.

    I may have exaggerated the situation like what @Craven told, but I did that in comparison to an iPhone and the story is a lot different in their case, enemies move in a more fluid manner ( ik it may sound absurd coz testing a couple of times can never give trustworthy observations and also is subject to conditions in which the game is played) and there is less desync compared to what I am experiencing despite having a flagship device that can handle 60 fps and a gr8 internet connection.

    See, the reason I do not play classic matches at 90 fps is not only bcoz of heating( which, in this phone, as compared to other android flagships, is better) it's also bcoz after it heats up, I appear to get knocked n killed in one shot by these 'enemies', at first I thought this was cuz they hacked, only later I realized that it could be as a result of heating( although it did handle 90 fps).

    This happened to me in ME and asia servers, both. That's y I said what I experienced on a personal level, you may not comprehend, so don't just assume that I don't understand how online games work based on how I conveyed, instead , if you can tell me whether you can relate to it or help me get rid of this problem, any such addition to this discussion will be highly appreciated!

    (Many other guys with ROG3 play classic at 90 fps n claim they face no such issues as I do)

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    Does quoting you actually trigger a "needs to be aproved" bs?

    lmao it does, how stupid.

  • @Ullas

    Right so lets educate you before you spread some more nonsense.

    Here as you can see desync and peekers advantage are quite normal for this game and by extention is a thing for other games too. The reason you might feel it's a little more previlent on your Rog 3 phone is simply because you have more FPS aka you get more refreshed than other players. It's purely netcode related and has fk all to do with anything else. The fact that you claim there is no desyn on an Iphone is absolutely stupid to begin with because obviously it's EVERYWHERE.

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    @nightmaster552 you clearly ignored the fact that I said I only played a couple of times on an iPhone so I cannot make a clear comparison, it's gr8 you present your knowledge with a lot of confidence and trying to help a brother out, but you aren't fully reading everything and drawing conclusions into your demeaning replies!

    From what I gathered by watching yt reviews on 90 fps gameplay, they all claim that you can see an 'enemy' quicker at 90 fps than I can at 60, but from my experience, 60 is running way better on my device and you clearly aren't able to understand, acknowledge, or provide reason for that fact.

  • that's true having more frame give's you more advantage but it's literally just small number of frames you're eyes probably won't notice the difference. I also watch all three clips but i see no problem.

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    The video you uploaded emphasised right on point about desync although I know about that, I am talking about the type of desync where the enemies lag and skip frames like visible in the two clips I uploaded above which I hope u did watch before sharing this educational vid on desync .

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    See only the top two clips, not the third, I probably wasn't able to share my experience accurately with you guys but I am still able to see them skip frames in clips 1 and 2 and frankly, this happens to me in close range most of the times , they just skip frames and in no time, I get knocked out, it's probably a server issue that I don't have to care about, tbh I was concerned whether I didn't make the right choice by buying this phone after experiencing this issue.

    It's great that Asus created a platform where we can freely voice our concerns, but I also hope they themselves could give any good solutions to this.

  • @Ullas If you cannot make a clear comprison why bring it up in the first place?

    The reason why I don't akknowledge it is quite simple, because it's simply not true, same when you post meaningless pubg clips that supposedly are showing us your "desync" issues when the game is running perfecly normally.

    Also now you're trying to redefine what "desync" means by throwing lag into the mix. Nobody here is able to see your problem and yet you claim there is one, and you're right there is one and that's you.

    Those skipping you see are enemies that have utterly garbage phones that drop connection. I don't know how you came to the conclusion that it's your Phone causing that.

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