Possible SD 865+ uplift, Thermals explained and SD 888

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Made this video and I think it might be super interesting for most gamers here. Now this begs the question, will the Rog4 have proper Active cooling with the new SD 888 Chip allowing for much higher power consumption? Also stop with the Rog3 to warm nonsense, it's getting seriously old by now.


  • I completely agree with you so you have someone on your side in this forum,ummm then there is the Rog 5, well something big is coming,so in 2 months perhaps if the leaks are correct we're gonna have a Qualcomm X ASUS phone and the Rog 5 which was leaked on html 5 if I remember correctly

    Also,i think the driver optimisations on the 10 mi ultra has to be either "fake" or if it is updated that well,perhaps if you partner up with some tech savvy guy you can share some details to us so we can search it up and maybe even apply these optimisations on our Rog 3's

    But for me,I know I'm getting a Rog 5 or 6 if I miss my chance this year,and sell this one

    Upgrading for such performance is worth it and who knows maybe there will be a 888+ this year,but I doubt it

  • Totally agree with you.

    If ROG phone 4 has active cooling with bypass charging feature, it will be a mobile phone gaming heaven.

    Thermals has never been an issue with ROG 3. It however is exact opposite. It dessipitates heat pretty efficiently and hence higher temp on display and some body parts.

    I always cringe at these comparison videos.

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