Bug at 438 version Asus Max Pro M1

see it team this is a camera bug at 438 version when I'm select auto flash so flash is always open and it close when I'm stop it myself..

and when I'm using video recording at 438 version so when I'm sift normal camera option to video recording so video is automatic run without my permission 🙄 so please fix this bug in camera app.

and see it one more major bug on 438 version ram management bug see carefully you Android system at Android 10 AOSP consume 1.5 gb approximately ram and free for use only 800 to 900 maximum so please note this bug and fix it .

this bug I'm facing at 3gb Ram Asus Max Pro M1 Device please note it this is very irritating bug which I'm facing at Android 10 all 5 beta version...



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