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So im doing some performance tweaks and would like to know from you genshin impact veterans where the most demanding places are, screenshots with fps would be super nice so i have something to compare too :)

Currenntly impressive antutu score of:


  • I am using clean master and default phone optimization tools and i managed to get score very close to 650.How is this possible?

  • Share the tweaks so that we can test other games faster

    There is a fight with 4 guards on a small island outside of liyue for start,And basically anywhere in liyue harbour or the mountains of montstadt,or in the plains on the 3 really high mountains,the key is that your point of view renders a LOT of things

    And that's how you can benchmark it I guess? Also you can try recording to see how many frames it can handle and especially doing all of the above in coop mode with 3 other players

  • Well i did far more than using tools that stop processes and such.


    How much fps do you get on here @ max settings 60fps?. I assume the town is the most demanding place.

  • Well,when idle I do get 60 FPS stable,but once I move or turn my view around I get spikes to 55 or even 42 fps, but I think cache memory has something to do with that

    And yes the town is the most demanding part of the game,and if you look at your map,there are some very big mountains on the left side of where the game start from,try to just walk those mountains up and down and tell us the results

    And for the city jump around or run and turn around quickly

  • Dude How did you get that score??

    One more question. Is It only possible to get 3.1ghz using aero active cooler? Or without It is possible too?

  • I run it with 3.1ghz without the cooler, the cooler drops temps 2 degrees at best.

    @GREEKLEADER I'll try the mountain and see whats up there. When I spin around like mad in the city i get 56 -60.

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    @GREEKLEADER So i ran around on the mountains basicially maintaining 60fps stable. That being said I tested for the lulz how the smartphone would act if I let everything run stock and I saw that it seems that there is some weird boosting behaviour going on which I cannot quite understand why the phone does that, or rather why the game doesnt trigger the typical boost behaviour. The GPU would only boost to around 450-500mhz instead of its full 670mhz and only some CPU cores would boost to their fullest while the others would only run at roughly half speed. So basicially the game doesnt utilize the Phone on its own enough to make it boost properly, this behaviour is unique to Genshin impact, the other games don't seem to have this problem. This would also explain your FPS drops despite hardware not being fully utilized. When looking at youtube this also doesnt seem to be unique to Rog3, this behaviour can be seen on several phones out there.

    Here a video:

    It shows the live clockspeed while gaming on an Note 20 ultra, same behaviour, clockspeeds unstable causing FPS drops. Game is quite weirdchamp.

  • Stable 60 FPS??? In the CITY AND THE MOUNTAINS?? What kind of root are you using and what settings?! I would looove to utilize the full potential of this phone XoX

    And also is there a fix for this game? Maybe a setting in preferences or overriding the games code perhaps?

  • Nothing you can do as such, only the devs can improve on utilization. Only thing you can do from your phone are tweaks and improvment on boosting behaviour. I havent tested the game in huge battles yet but thats something ill do once my controller arrives. Kinda dislike playing on touchscreen.

    As for "what kind of root" i already explaied in your .99 performance thread what root means as youre not quite aware.

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