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Hola tengo un zenfone 5Z y estoy en Colombia, este celular también se actualizara en Android 11?



  • Android 11 para Zenfone 5z aún está en evaluación

    Mantén los dedos cruzados 🤞

    Esperamos lo mejor ASUS nunca decepcionará a sus clientes


  • I don’t think so. A device system can normally be maintained for 18 months, and 5Z had been maintainers for 29 months since 2018.

  • Think positive...! Also no other Asus flaghsip was sold as good as 5Z did ,there are still almost 60-70 % of users from flagship range using 5z in Asus family globally and that is reason 5z is supported much better but also what if last year some regions did not get Asus flagship like 7/7pro and hence there are users belonging 60-70% users from asus flagship range in asus family which are expecting Asus to rethink and vhange its strategy so i think asus needs to think this and extend a year support to A11 on 5z.

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