Next cpu?

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If Samsungs new exynos beat snapdragon will it get it or go with snapdragon anyway? 🤔

Beta specs I heard exynos beat snapdragon 888.


  • Not really,if the madlads make a + cpu like every year,then it will beat the exynos,but from a html 5 leak,seems as the rog 5 will have an 888

    Again leaks can be false so take it with a grain of salt

  • ROG will 100% have 888. ASUS are factory line phones, nothing new. I'd be asking more questions about panel type tbh.

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    Nah Asus won't go with Exynos for a couple of reasons

    1.First of all the results you're talking about were based on early snapdragon phones and every OEM has their own skin and optimisation,phones like Rog use the most out of a soc with better thermals and software stuff like X mode (plus accessories like the cooler)

    2. Snapdragon for sure will have the better GPU (I doubt anyone is going to dethrone adreno anytime soon)

    3. Asus and Qualcomm recently announced their joint plans to make a gaming phone together (with joint purchasing of components for rog and that collab phone from what I know) so that probably means better cooperation between Asus and Qualcomm, Asus could even get some benefits on buying the soc or something but all this are corporate decisions so we can't speculate what'll happen

    4. Development wise snapdragon powered phones are way better than other soc vendors

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