Very low speaker volume on Zenfone 6( Asus 6z) - ZS630KL

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I'm using an Asus ZenFone 6 or Asus 6z, how it is known here in India since May 2020 and it has been working fine except since the last two updates (security patches), the speaker volume has reduced drastically.

  1. Model Name: Asus 6z - ZS630KL
  2. Firmware Version: 17.1810.2011.183
  3. Rooted or not: Not Rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Everyday
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


So, I play some music and the music plays fine for like a couple of seconds and after that, the volume reduces significantly. Additionally, the upper speaker or tweeter gets louder, or maybe the lower main speaker volumes makes me think that.

So far, I have tried disabling AudioWizard, clearing its data, rebooting my phone. Since I was facing this since the last two updates, I just waited for one more which was sent out in December some time. It did not fix it, it is now that I am seeking help here, in case anyone has been facing the same issue and has found a possible fix.

I took this long because I don't really use the speakers to listen to music, but because I know it, it annoys me. Moreover, it happens with ringtones and alarms as well, loud foe a couple of seconds and then much quieter. Thanks in advance.





  • Hi, we suggest you to please visit the nearest ASUS service center for better assistance. Locate here :

  • Came looking for help here in hopes of saving a trip to the service center. The speaker is fine, like I said, but does not sustain high volumes for more than a couple seconds. So if you can still suggest some thing I could do that could possibly resolve this issue, it will be highly appreciated.

    Please help to have this thread seen by as many people as possible at the least 🙆‍♂️



  • @Scooo I prefer you open settings and there go for sound and vibration and there you can see a option called smart volume if it's on plz switch it off and if it's off try switching it on I hope this works if it didn't it's better you visit service center

  • Well, I have tried it, it doesn't work. Also, the nearest Asus center is actually not near to my home and given my current schedule it is not going to be possible for me to visit it either. Moreover, I do not think that this is a hardware issue as the speaker does work loudly like for a few seconds, it just does not sustain it. I highly doubt having the speaker or the module change will have any effect, but I guess I can't keep wasting my time looking for solutions where there aren't any.

    Thanks for help still, any other solutions will be highly appreciated. Also, if you're using the same device, you're not facing any such issue, right??



  • Yeah I'm using the same device and facing no speaker issue I think it is better you make sometime and contact service center

  • So a quick update: There's some good news!

    I was never fully convinced that the problem is with the hardware, and it seems I was right.

    I upgraded to A11 in hopes of having the issue resolved but the problem persisted. So after a lot of hesitation, I performed a factory reset, the issue still persisted. I then went on to toggle some audio features on/ off, and voila! The sound from the speakers was back to normal!! It fine now and the Outdoor Mode as well as AudioWizard is working fine.

    I'm glad I spent some time myself at home instead of spending valuable resources on a trip to and from the service center.

    So, thanks, in the end it was smart volume issue and something wrong with the balance between the top and the bottom speakers on stereo mode.



  • As I said you to verify was that a smart volume issue congratulations on your device going back Normal

  • Thanks man, I wish I had tried a factory reset 2 months earlier, although I never really use the phone speaker to listen to music, it's important that I hear the phone ringing when I need to lol and the alarms should be loud enough to wake me up in the morning.

    Thanks again,


  • @Anders_ASUS I'm hoping you could help me understand this better please. I cannot visit the service center just to have it all checked and my phone is out of warranty anyway.

    The issue got fixed fixed for a while but it came back and since then I have tried everything, I even rolled back to the original factory image. My phone has never been rooted not unlocked.

    The problem that I am having is that the bottom speaker goes quiet after a second or two and the top earpiece actually gets louder. This happens with everything, ringtone, alarm, media playback. Please help me understand if this is indeed a hardware issue. Could the bottom speaker be damaged and hence unable to sustain the output, that it goes to the upper ear piece?

    As a vital piece of information, I'd like to add that I had dropped my phone into a bucket of water in September, post which a friend of mine helped to immediately dry everything out, and it has all been fine since, however this volume problem had begun to appear since December.

    If you help me understand that this is indeed a hardware defect, I will open up my schedule sometime to visit the service center. Please do not ask me to visit the service center like @victor0_ASUS did immediately, I need a word first from you, some recommendations. Then I will definitely visit the service center.

    Thanks in advance,


  • a friend of mine helped to immediately dry everything out

    Describe exactly how he dried it, that's very important. The water wasn't distilled, I suppose. What kind of water was it?

    Anyway, it's now clear that it's a hardware problem that was caused by the water.

  • So, this was in September, the water was regular tap water as it comes in india, not distilled. He had a heating network at his home which he used to get the back panel off.

    Then he disconnected the battery and then took other components out, he dried everything well with the same heat gun. Every component in there was dried up completely, however, he dared not to remove the speaker from the plastic housing thing, he instead heated to evaporate water out as much as he could without melting the housing. After putting it back together, everything was working fine, the phone was as good as new.

    The speaker continued to work well until December, that is, it worked for nearly 4 months pretty well. No issues at all, it was around the first week of Dec that I was noticing the sound being biased towards the upper earpiece.

    Again, I am in 20% doubt because the speaker plays properly for a second or two and then the sounds reduces in bottom - that too progressively, and goes over to the upper ear piece.

    Thanks for you time, I really appreciate it, hope we get somewhere.


  • He used a very brutal method, which in itself could cause damage. Water or moisture needs to be removed as gently as possible, see those references I've been adding. And the desiccation should take place as long as possible, ideally several days.

    It is important that there is not a single hidden drop of water, or any moisture, left before the phone is subsequently turned on and used.

    Otherwise, even over a long period of time, faults can gradually appear.

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    Thanks man, I am checking those references you've been adding. I'll try them all and if no change, then try to get a spare.

    I'm now convinced that the speaker is indeed faulty, do you think that's the reason why the upper earpiece is louder? Because I assume there is one common amp for both pieces, and because the bottom speaker gives up power after a few seconds, it allows the upper earpiece to consume and produce more?



  • Thanks man, I am checking those references you've been adding. I'll try them all and if no change, then try to get a spare.

    It is now too late for any attempts to remove moisture, this is completely unnecessary.

    I'm now convinced that the speaker is indeed faulty

    I can't begin to guess what exactly is damaged. What you're seeing is some kind of side effect of one or more primary water damage.

  • I have some very good news, but before that, I just want to thank you for your time! I really appreciate it.

    Firstly, I left some details out yesterday about how the Phone was dried after I dropped it into water. Firstly, I immediately switched it off and called that friend, he actually did not heat the boards, he used a brush and isopropyl alcohol to clean the board surfaces. And then he used the heating network but not heat, he just blew room temperature air to make sure that there were no droplets of water left after the IP had evaporated, everything was working like new then, nothing wrong.

    I called the same guy again today and somehow he sounded like he already knew what it was. So I go to him, he pops the back open and using a micrometer, performs a continuity check on the contact points and the source. It turned out that one connection was weak. So the recommended fix was to get a new board but he checked the rest of it carefully and assured me that it was as good as new but just the fact that one connection was weak, possibly burnt out.

    Anyway, the fix he performed was that he used a very thin insulated copper wire, the same one used in headphones and speaker windings and soldered one end to the contact point and the other one to the source. And Voila! it now sounds like nothing ever happened to it!!

    I plan to get the board replaced from the service center soon though, no matter how small the problem is, I do not want to be running my device with a broken component.

    Thanks again for your help, and one more thing, could you tell me how to close this discussion and mark it as solved!!



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