Whatsapp call app crash and other Bluetooth issues are not fixed yet

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As per the testing I have done, whatsapp still freezes when we receive whatsapp call while using bluetooth headphones.

This contradictory to change log of 0.65 update, where its mentioned that issue is resolved. False.

Also just after that nor google duo Or skype are able to pick up voice from mic of Bluetooth headphone.

@Anders_ASUS I'll DM you the logs.

Here are unfixed items from last, now closed thread:

After updating to latest 0.65 build, apparently none of them are fixed,

1) whatsapp call freezing while on bluetooth: NOT FIXED

2) sometimes, google assistant won't detect any audio from my. Bluetooth headset's mike, (headset is perfectly fine) : NOT YET FIXED, when I use headphone key to trigger assistant, assistant shows "Can't connect to google at moment" but I'm Connected to internet over wifi.

3) sometime when I get skype call, person at the other end won't be able to hear my audio unless i switch out of bluetooth mode to earpiece or speaker mode. (I'm able hear him, but not vice-versa)(checked on multiple headsets, same issue): NOT FIXED

4) sometimes when I connect to bluetooth, there is no audio, video keeps playing, no matter what is volume level, bluetooth device won't output any audio, trying connect-disconnect won't work even. i had to restart the phone to get it work again: NOT FIXED, happens randomly, seen it happening 2 times already on lastest build.

Its been now 2 months since Last I reported these issues, even in current update none of them are fixed, and Original thread was marked "closed", it's not acceptable.



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