Android 10 432 Bugs / When release Stable version

Hey Team, I'm use Android 10 432 version and I'm facing few Minor bugs which I'm sharing with you so you fix this bugs as soon as possible.

Bugs like,

1. Low brightness issue as compared to pie version in Android 10 brightness is too low.

2. Apps crashed issue sometimes instagram, chrome ,and other apps are crashed.

3. Headphones and earphone sound are not too good but not too bad it is ok ok base and sound.

4. Sometimes wifi is lag and not showing other wifi connection name and code.

5. Google app widget are not flexible it is fix at one place so we couldn't change them from one place to another.

6. Security patch is August 2020 which is very old please update them in December 2020 update.

7. Battery draining issue I'm facing on my phone its drain very fast I'm got only 4 to 5 hour screen on time in one day.

8. Network icons are sometimes hide and sometimes visible this is a bug please fix it.

9. Ram management is not good place fix it, because its very important part of phone.

10. in camera app when I'm using flash specially in front camera so flash light is on always by default, this is a bug please fixed it and optimise camera app.

Thanks and fixed all problems as soon as possible.



    We only give Max M2 & PRO M2, ZENFONE 6,7 & ROG........

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    Hi Singh

    First, I already deleted your previous thread. Please avoid overlapping thread or message, which may disturb the mods and the users to solve the issue. 

    Second, lots of your questions are Android AOSP design, please check the thread below and provide your question again. Question 2, 4, and 7 involve the compatibility between firmware version and apps version/router, please update your apps to the latest version or reconnect your router. Thank you.

    If you still prefer the interface/system design of Android 9, please downgrade from Android 10 to Android 9 by the downgrade file on Firmware Spot with SD card.

    #Android 10 to Android 9 Guide

  • 1. Brightness scales maybe different. Max still high. Switch to manual if adaptive brightness not good enough.

    2 and 9. Apps are getting heavier, your 3GB RAM cannot hold Android 10, Google App and all heavy social media apps together. Switching will cause restart. Free some RAM by disabling Google App if you can.

    3. Sound good enough. For better sound adb uninstall icepower

    4. Check router

    5. Default AOSP from Google

    7. Charge till 80 and above for dose mode to kick in when idle. Keep charge between 80-20.

    8. Use this to turn on/off icon , check if it works

    10. Just checked, 3modes available on, off,auto for front camera. Try Gcam

    If your build has many bugs, try backup, wipe data from recovery menu. Start fresh.

  • Thanks Anandu for the help.

    Besides, I saw Singh reported in another thread that he had installed the firmware of Max Pro M2 in his Max Pro M1. For the case, Singh, kindly bring your device to the nearest repair center for help.

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