Relock bootloader

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Hi guys anyone know how to relock bootloader in rog 3 strix...please help me some advice...thank u


  • Hello.

    Probably you can use fastboot oem asus-back command(it worked for my Zenfone 6)

    !!!WARNING!!!: You will not be able unlock bootloader second time.(I have just recently locked my bootloader and ASUS support said to me that they do not support my device anymore and so can not help me with unlocking bootloader). Also if you have done any modifications to the system partition you will need to revert your phone to stock firmware without modifications otherwise dm-verity will fail and you will see error message.

  • I would go to XDA if i were you. ASUS is more than happy to unlock, but that's where their support ends. As above, you won't be able to re-unlock for some stupid reason, but who knows, XDA guys might know a way to solve ASUS incomitance.

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