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I need to root my ROG 2 with stock rom only.

Can anyone guide me here step by step how to root?


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    Probably first, backup the phone before you unlock the bootloader.

    Then with a pc, connect it using the side port.

    You need the TWRP package & installer. Package on PC, installer on phone. You also need Magisk V 20.4 on your phone.

    You need to reboot the phone to recovery mode. Hold Power + Volume up

    With ADB Debug on, do ' fastboot devices ' to check it's connected or not.

    Then, type ' fastboot flash recovery (whatever the TWRP package name, you could tab it if you put the package inside same folder as the ADB cmd). img '

    If the phone doesn't automatically loads TWRP, type ' fastboot boot recovery ' then put your password in and install the TWRP installer.

    Reboot to recovery again but with the TWRP menu. Reboot -> recovery.

    Install Magisk V20.4 in TWRP. Wipe Dalvik. Reboot to system.

    Done. Have fun with Magisk.

  • Thanks a lot brother. You have guided me step by step. Really appreciate your efforts. Thanks a lot again

  • If you want to upgrade software, go to recovery mode (TWRP)

    But first, download the software update to the downloads folder. It might be named (UL.ASUS.2012.65 something something)

    Then, reboot to TWRP (recovery) and do as i said.

    Install the software but don't swipe to install. Rather, use the install anothe package button.

    Pick the TWRP installer THEN SWIPE to install.

    After it's all done, DO NOT reboot to system or you lose your magisk root.

    Just reboot to recovery again trough TWRP and install the Magisk V20.4. it'll said the phone is at a/b partition. Don't worry about that. It's just boot slot.

    After successful install, boot to system now. This is a way to update software without losing root.

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