AeroActive Cooler to feature dual USB type c ports

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As much as Gamers would love the Rog Cetra RGB for having RGB on our ears and the noise-canceling feature. It would have been even better if they made an AeroActive Cooler with dual USB type c ports to take advantage and charge simultaneously. And since they provide a 3.5 dongle in the box, people can still use 3.5 mm headsets.



  • Cooler comes with a type c and 3.5mm jack so you dont have to use dongle and can use both charge are earphones together

  • I don't know if it will work or not :D

  • I don't like that. It's not official and might fck up the hardware.

  • I agree. I bought the cetra thinking it might just be the only best earphones for the type-c-only ROG Phone 3 but when i found out it sucks the battery faster than any normal earphones, i came to realize this might be only good for using when in bypass charging mode. But there's no more ports for the side and i can't stand flipping the phone over just to plug it in on the bottom port. Would really appreciate if asus could make an official dual USB-C port dongle or maybe just an adapter.

  • Rog Cetra ANC/RGB uses USB Type - C instead of 3.5mm jack. This is required to power the rgb led and the noise cancelling feature.

  • I tested this, and it only works on the bottom USB port; great if you're casually listening to music.

    Using it on the side-mounted port and the AeroActive cooler is a no go. The phone will be confused and will constantly switch between charging and detecting earphones.

  • The only way to get around this is to have another 3.5mm headphones.

    If you want to charge and use wired headphones at the same time, chances are you're inside your homes, especially with this current pandemic. You might benefit from better over-ear wired 3.5mm headphones.

    As much as how cool the ROG Cetra ANC/RGB is, you might want to regard it only when you're out and about for its convenience with the in-ear profile design and noise-canceling or the ambient mode for outside environments.

    Admin/moderators might feedback this to "Asus," or they might have already planned this for the AeroActive cooler 4 on the next ROG phone. Although they definitely don't need to wait for the next ROG phone just to release an accessory like this.

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