ASUS 5z standard player

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I have some issues with my standard player. . It plays videofiles great. (I did not test with other format, or other videofiles that is transferred to the phone) but what i did try was that I transferred some mp3files via bluetooth from my computer. That worked great. And i was able to Play the MP3 files from my bluetooth folder in Storage folders. . The Strange thing is . . IT stoppes working. . From one moment to another.

Then the phone just said : No app to Play this file. .

I Would like to know why this had happened. . I have even reset my device to try this over. .

If someone knows why i could Play the MP3 files at some point, and also why it stopped working i Would be graceful. .

I experience this at a lucky time . . If this had happened for me during a concert it Would be a fatale technicle errors.

I Hope someone from ASUS can answer to this thread. .

Thanks in Advance. .


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