Idle mode Battery drain when phone is in standby(sleep) mode.

Aditya SinghAditya Singh Level 1
edited December 2020 in ZenFone Max Pro Series

Model: Zenfone Max pro m1

Version: .087

Status: Not Rooted

I don't know my other max pro m1 friends are still getting this issue or not..

I can't understand why the battery drains in idle mode, though I haven't turned on location, hotspot or wifi and even no apps are running in background... Sometimes I see no drain at all coz after 6-7 hrs of no usage just 1% drop , But sometimes almost 2% drop per hour and 8-10% drop when i sleep..and sometimes 15-20% drop when I sleep (usually i sleep 5-6hrs)

I am satisfied with my Screen On Time (SOT).. Usually it gives 10-12hrs on normal usage or little bit gaming and charges im around 2hrs 40min..

I don't know from how long this battery drain problem is going on as my phone battery was swollen 6 months ago and I replaced it..From then i started noticing my battery stats and I saw this problem...I think this problem has started 6-7 months ago and still not resolved...

Every time when i get a system update I think this problem would be solved but there is Only a change in pattern of the battery drain after every update but no solution at all... Please help me with my problem if anyone can...!

Thanks and regards..


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