Low volume over tws earbuds in zenphone 5z

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I have bose sport earbuds, when I connect these with Asus 5Z over bluetooth the volume is very low for both music n call. The same earbuds when connected with realme X have a much higher volume. Even the handset speaker volume has decresed in Asus 5Z


  • Hi there, kindly follow the below steps:

    1. check with another Bluetooth earphones and see if there is any issue.
    2. check with wired earphones and see if there is any change.
    3. kindly let us know if there is any change in the behavior of the sound after the above tests.
  • Like I said the audio volume is good ony realme X mobile but ear buds when connected to Asus 5Z volume is almost half what I get on realme x device. Ppl don't own multiple bluetooth headsets, except a few. So it was chkd on 2 different devices. When wired earphones are connected the volume is higher that bluetooth buds but lower than what I get on realme x. I have tested wired earphones Asus one which are in the box, boat 225, jbl c50hi, rha earbuds n Sennheiser cx180

  • I also feel the same when connected to car audio. Bluetooth connectivity sucks in Asus 5z

  • Asus team never accepts there are bugs/issues with bluetooth in 5z. They will keep asking irrelevant questions and provide suggestions which are of no use and keep giving excuses.

  • New update is released today i.e. .110 so kindly check after you update if issue still stays please revert back here again,Also i may recommend kindly try factory data reset on new latest .110 update as this will be fresh installation of new update with bugs elimination and than you can check if issue stays

    If yes again as i said you are free to revert back here


  • No update available, I got on my handset

  • I understand now that this thread is a month old, but I had been facing similar issues on my ZenFone 6 (Asus 6z) in India. Since November or so after a security patch was installed, the overall volume on my phone had decreased, especially on bluetooth devices. So after a lot of research, I found out that disabling AudioWizard fixed those issues. However, I noticed that the main speaker(bottom) had reduced volume which was fixed for a while but persists even today. I haven't been able to find a fix for that as of yet. Received another security patch in Dec third week or so but the issue hadn't been resolved in it. Still facing the same issues.

    Try disabling the AudioWizard and see if it works for you with the bluetooth volumes, it would be amazing if it resolves the handset speaker issues as well.

  • I'm also facing the same issue. My 5z main bottom speaker has lower sound than my friend's 5z main bottom speaker. Did everything. Did reset too. I disabled the audio wizard too but don't know why when calling in speaker mode my friend's 5z main bottom speaker has better vocals than my 5z bottom main speaker.

    Overall sound signature is also bad in my 5z speakers if compared to my friend's 5z. My friend's 5z has loud vocal and my phone is has high bass muddled sound output. His phone's speaker is also clear and distors lesser than my phone's speakers.

    Don't know if it a problem with my phone's speakers or maybe there is some sort of major bug with audio wizard which hasn't been rectified by the developers Yet. And I also don't know if mods know this too and not especially for 5z. 🙄🙄🙄

  • So, I was able to resolve the problem yesterday and to some extent I was becoming convinced that it is a hardware issue, however I was firm that its software. Here's what I did:

    1. Upgraded to A11, which did not work straightaway.
    2. Performed a Factory reset, which also did not work.
    3. After this factory reset though, I toggled various sound features on/ off and then the balance was restored when watching videos, however audio from other apps like Spotify was stilled biased towards the upper speaker.
    4. Played around more with the audio settings and the ringtone volume seemed to have returned to original loudness, other audio however remaining the same.
    5. I went to bed and in the morning and gave a try enabling the AudioWizard and everything seemed to have returned to normal today.

    You can follow some of these steps, I am not sure though if A11 has been released for your 5z. However, you will be able to find packages that will help you roll back to earlier versions on Telegram, Reddit, or XDA, this will work for you if indeed one of the recent patches had caused the issue.



  • Did you tried cleaning your speakers anytime? If so how did you do that? And if not try to do that and check if there is some diffrence coz muffled sound or low sound can happen due to dust accumulated in speaker ports try to blow some air via blower but br careful and see what happens

  • Nothing happened. Tried everything.

    I can't even show in a video because the difference is not perceivable. Mobile phone mics can't catch any difference but if someone will check in person he'll definitely see a difference.

    I don't know what happened to my phone's main speaker. 🙄

  • I use Poweramp pro maybe it messed up with any internal device settings. Maybe be.

    But after a device reset also my phone's main bottom speaker sounds muffled and high bass like with ample amount of sound distortion.

    Maybe it's an hardware issue. If it's an hardware issue then I'll not be able to change the bottom speaker.

    Yes my phone has also sound output majorly comes from earpiece speaker. The earpiece speaker is very dominating than my phone's main bottom speaker.

    I didn't noticed any difference or perceived until I heard my friend's 5z speakers.

  • It could be possible that your speaker is damaged, which may seem unlikely but is possible if you had set some insane configurations on power amp, however I highly doubt anyone uses their phone speakers enough that they could get damaged.

    In my case, the sound was extremely low but not distorted or muffled. Muffled sound can be an indication of damaged equipment.

    Have a professional check it out, the original replacement speaker is not very expensive, the job won't take more than 500 bucks.

    How old is your phone and are you sure that the speaker has been acting up since the last security patch was installed on your device?



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    Actually I don't remember how my phone's speaker was in Android pie or in any other older version of Android. But what I can definitely say that my phone's bottom speaker sounds lower than my friend's 5z's main bottom speaker.

    Main speaker's sound output is manageable but I many times had complained to mods that the sound configuration is bad and not same as Like 5z had when it launched.

    I had purchased my phone on 21st July 2018.

    As of now I can't afford to change my phone's speaker. Will change it at later point. I'm waiting for the next OTA.

    I don't listen to music via phone speakers any frequently. I generally use the ZenEar pro which came inbox with the phone.

  • Did you try to check after factory data reset? Ifnot please give it a try and see if that fixes speaker low volume issue.

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