Asus Rog 3 256gb stock availability date

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I have been waiting for Asus Rog 3 256gb variant to be available since 3-4 weeks and not once i could see it available. Yesterday at 3:30 AM IST i received notification it is in stock and by the time i notice the mail in the morning and tried to check, it still shows out of stock.

I am so annoyed with the availability and also couldn't find any other options to buy the phone. Also tried reaching out both flipkart and Asus support to know when can next stock be available, but none has any clue.

Asus says stay tuned and i have been tuning in since 3-4 weeks. While flipkart send just an email when i am sleep in middle of the night and by the time i open nothing is available.

Kindly help me understand if the stock would ever be available or should i find an alternate brand rather waiting for this variant forever.

It's been 4 months since it has been release and i am not sure if the quantity released is so low that stock is running out in few minutes.


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