Overheating and speaker bugs on zenfone 5z

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I just casually used my 5z for video streaming on YouTube and now the phone gets very hot and suddenly the down firing speaker is not working at all. Now after restarting the phone the speaker works fine but again it's not working.

Note: I've already factory reset my phone several times and did all you've said. Still the same problem occurs.please fix these bugs asap ASUS.


  • What resolution was you streaming on?

    If you are watching video beyond 1080p resolution for hours than surely your device will heatup and there is no need to worry

    About speaker issue does your device behaves same in safe mode? Also confirm what happens when you connect headsets?? Does sound again stops working when connected on headsets ??

    If you face issue only with speaker than yes its hardware problem which can only be fix by service centre

  • Well I only stream at 480p or 720p and I never set it to 1080p. And still the same heating occurs in just 30mins. This is really a big issue.

    As for speaker issue the same problem occurs when I connect a Bluetooth headset. I think it's not a hardware problem. It's a software problem.

  • Did you recently reset your device?? if you say its software issue this should get fix with factory data reset coz what i can see is this is unique issue for you and only you, But as you are saying you tried every possible trouble shooting step and still you are facing issue clearly says its hardware not software

    I would say kindly take your device to nearest service centre as early as possible n dont forget to backup your imp data before you give visit to service centre

    Ifnot if you still believe its software than dont worry new FOTA update is coming soon you can wait and see if problem gets resolved :-)

    But again i may suggest you to take it to service centre ASAP


  • Last sunday I got heat issues too. Was in a meeting with Microsoft teams with earplugs for about 20 minutes and I thought my phone was going to melt. Turned it off to avoid some damage

  • Hey @amitgarde3 any update about next update for 5z?or the support is over...

  • Updates are still ON dont worry

    If all goes really well than for sure it is Coming soon

    Stay tuned! 😜

  • I reset my device 6 months before due to increased bugs after android 10 update. After this android 10 update there are many bugs which are still present. Anyways I would like to wait for the next FOTA update to see if the problem occurs again I'll go to the nearest service center to see if there is any problems.

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