Don't buy Asus stuff specially Smartphones

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On 10th December 2019, I purchased Asus rog phone 2.

(1) 2 months later i'e February 2020, first time I faced problem was of screen gone blank.

(2) In March after upgrading to A10, battery was draining too fast and heating issue also rises.

(3) in May my properly working USB cable was unable to do fast charge.

(4) In August and faced a new issue of Random switching off the phone in a loop of 4-5 times in a span of 24 hours. And within a week same problem occurred and again Submitted the device to service center.

(5) in September while using my phone it got too heated up and back side their is a metal part got melted.

(6) in October after repair once again phone got heated up and metal part melted.

(7) in November again Restarting problem came in front of me, with a new issue which is internet is running for many other apps but not for games. And overnight charging is also not working.

And as you see I visited service centre for more than 7-9 times and every month seeing new issue is quite awful. And now on can't trust to buy Asus products.


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