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Is volte for vodafone Idea coming to asus 5z or not ?


  • You have to send a request to vodafone Idea for activation of Volte via mail. Because 5z is already supporting Vodafone Idea volte.


  • @Soru @Debasish Sahoo

    My Experience with activating Vodafone IDEA VoLTE #

    Karnataka - Prepaid - VI SIM

    Roaming In Tamilnadu

    Balance - Rs. 10+ - On Annual Plan with Enough Data Balance.

    I was wondering why I got only 4G or 4G+ and not VOLTE. Whether in Karnataka or In TN.

    1. Called up customer care - Useless responses - multiple attempts, different people, they will send you a link which is practically useless.
    2. Went to a Vodafone Main Store - asked for someone with experience....A guy came, quickly understood the issue & said he will raise an SR (service request) by email from his end.

    Exactly within 24 hours, I got an SMS saying my SR has failed / closed.

    I restarted the mobile and I saw VoLTE appearing.

    The problem again was, VoLTE was not uniformly all across all towers. Dont know why!

  • Vodafone-Idea Volte is working fine. I didn't have to email or call service center for that matter.

  • Yes vodafone-Idea volte is working fine on 5z but sometimes it is pre-activated and sometimes you have to activate by sending a mail. But yes it's working fine :)

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