Phone won't turn on after crash

KuroiRikaKuroiRika Level 1
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Hello, was using my Rog2 and playing a game when it suddenly "Lagged" and then it just shut down by itself.

Now it will not turn on. Tried charging from both ports and the volume+power button method but no indication of it reacting at all.

Anyone else had this experience? Is there no choice but to send it to service center? Any suggestions on what to do?

Thank you


  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Keep your phone on charger and then hold power button + volume down button. This should force reboot the phone or force power on the phone.

  • KuroiRikaKuroiRika Level 1
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    Sent it to the service center and they said that it was beyond economical to repair. Very disappointed as I've only used the device for about 10 months and even though I did not drop the phone, no contact with water nor never had any prolonged use to make the phone heat up, apparently it is totally dead now.

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