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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name : Zenfone M. P. 1
  2. Firmware Version : All
  3. Rooted or not : All
  4. Frequency of Occurrence : All
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app) : All

All Asus User I Think Now We Have To Only One Single Way To Enjoy Our All Software Need And That Is Custom Rom.

Because In Asus Stock Rom Of Max Pro M1

We Can Never Expect This Things.

1. Native Video Calling

2. Call Recording

3. Screen Recording

4. Good Camera

5. Good Ram Management

6. Good Better Life

7. Good Network Speed

8. WiFi Calling

9. Good Battery Backup

10. Smooth Performance (In 6 GB Ram)

11. Fast Charging

12. Camera 2 Api Inbuilt Enable

13. Smooth System UI

14. Proper DarkMode

Many Other Features Also There Which Asus Never Able To Build In Stable Rom.

You Have Live Proof : In 428 Build Of Android 10 Beta 3 Fast Charging Is Working, But In 432 Build Again 4-5 Hours Time For 100% Battery Backup.

So We Can Never Expect This Things From Asus Because If They Provide One Of Them Features Then, They Also Provide Bugs With It.


  • 2. It's in Google's hand, they have been testing it for a long time (it's still buggy). Once they think it's stable enough to roll out to everyone using phone app, then we will get it.

    3. Screen recorder is not available in both aosp of android 10 and 9 and Asus zenfone max pro m1 and M2 was supposed to be using android without any custamisation.

    5. Ram management: the system and all the apps take only 3gb of ram in my 6gb phone ,it is the same in my nokia 8.1 and nokia 6.1 plus.

    6. Yeah, there is battery drain at idle.

    7. I don't have any issues with network.

    8. Wifi calling is supported in jio.

    9. Same as 6.

    10. I don't have any performance issues.

    11. What do you mean by fast charging, my phone charges in 3 hours using the stock charger and I have this phone from 2018.

    12. Android 10 beta has camera 2 api enabled.

    13. 087 update fixed the ui freze and quickstep launcher crashing issue.

    14. System wide dark mode is available in android 10 beta.

  • Is It True

  • Doubt.jpg

    İ really don't trust to asus, and i really don't want another beta. if it's stable, release it, if it's not just don't.

  • This is the reality. Asus software is crap. I won't buy Asus in future. They can't even make a proper rom.

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