my opinion on what Asus is doing wrong

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Asus is not focusing on important things and what the customer demands,

The resent Rog 3 has issues, which shows their serious flaw with quality control.

The utility of 12GB ram even for a hardcore gamer is very low, Very few people(almost nobody) would need 12GB of ram but almost all the users would desire a good, stable , innovative OS which has regular software updates. But asus seems to be focusing on the almost nobody.

Secondly, Through my personal experience I can say there is not much performance difference from a gaming phone to a non gaming phone with the same SOC, but most non gaming phone in this price range have some sort of water resistance certificate, which this phone dosent have.

In present scenario most games don't even support 120Hz. May be it will be popular in next 2 3 years, then what is the point of using a substandard 144Hz display which has so many issues.

If you are adding custom hardware RGB LED etc, then give us a way to use it ?!

Finally there are ROG 2 was available at ₹35,000, ROG 3 ₹50,000 (42% higher) for a marginally improved performance, a substandard display, no headphone jack. You do the math

Asus is only narrowing down their market.


  • Thanks for the feedback. Considering this as your personal opinion I don't want to get into a debate here.

    Just quick points. There are a lot of games supporting 120 and 144Hz and the list is just growing.

    If you actually compare ROG Phone 2 and 3 you can find a lot of upgrades and its not just a price increase.

  • Obviously there are upgrades, but it's nothing ground breaking, compared to the price increase

  • While you do make some decent points, it's not entirely accurate and some are very flawed.

    As far as the Rog3 goes, the only real flaw you can point out is the disturbing color calibration job from pixelworks which causes the famous black crush issue, other than that we have many issues that are mainly caused by users or other companies such as google. For instance the webview bugs are all android related and google messed up their assistant function on many phones, hence the amount of 1 star reviews on the assistance feature in the play store. The mention of phone overheating while it's exacly the opposite, the phone transfers heat very well but people's lack of understanding think it's the phone overheating.

    It's very debatable about the amount of ram. While I do tend to agree on the fact that 12GB or even 16GB is overkill in todays standard, very new titles such as genshin impact have proven to be quite ram hungry and it's not that far off to say that you might need more ram in the next couple years if you plan on going hardcore mobile gaming.

    As for innovative OS, I do think Asus has some very neat features and offers quite a bit. On the Rog3 everything seems fine, however I do see tons of issues on the Rog2 phones.

    I have to strongly dissagree on your personal experience, while you might think there is little to no difference in terms of performance in your casual mobile games, people who do very strong gaming on these phones and use it more like a gaming device notice quite a difference especially when streaming and emulation due to these kinds of things being much more demanding inducing severe throttling on phones such as Samsung S20, Oneplus 8 etc. The cooling solution of the Rog3 is far more capable than most phones out there, I can think only of the Xiami Black shark 3 that is superior in terms of cooling to the Rog3 phones.

    Correct, most games don't support above 60fps, still that's not an argument against 120hz screens, as there are even applications outside of gaming that makes screens running at high refreshrate very desirable, even budget friendly phones ship nowadays with 90hz because even non gamers enjoy the much superior fluidity, hell even Iphone users are calling the new Iphone 12 a dissapointment due to lack of 90hz+ screen. You're VASTLY underestimating the importance and luxury of a 90+hz screen.

    As for your last sentence, the performance increase is actually quite severe from the rog2 to the rog3 if you're a poweruser. Asus has stepped up their game drasticly this year in terms of features and performance. The rog2 was pretty much a disaster, Asus did some major mistakes that did make the phone really hard to recommend. The Rog2 had problems that made me not purchase it:

    • Cooling of the Rog2 was poorly designed, it wasn't much better than other phones, the "heatsink" was just plastic decoration.
    • The power delivery was seemingly poorly designed, it was very underspecced causing "macbook 2010" behvaiour when to much power is surging through it, restart on charge or black screen / restart while "hardcore" gaming.
    • Some units had defective Vapor chambers (probably not asus's fault), where instead of having a vapor chamber you had no fluid inside, meaning you basicially had a huge copper plate instead, which is severely much worse.

    While the Rog3 in contrast has a real metal heatsink that is connected via thermal paste to the SoC and the huge vapor chamber dissapating the screen very effectively through the front screen. That being said, the aero cooler doesn't do anything as it doesn't even vent inside the hole on the case.....That being said, it's passive cooling capabilities are only beaten by Black sharks 3 proper active cooling system.

    Also your claim that the screen of the Rog3 is bad is also just another misconception from people out there, in reality the screen is pretty good, only problem is it seems to be bad due to calibration issues. Once the calibration has been fixed, the screen will most likely be on par with top of the line phones.

  • I think what they did with the airtriggers, splitting them in two. For a total of 4 on the rog 3 was pretty innovative. Imagine in addition to this they if they added pressure sensitive mapping like what's found on the blackshark? 🤯The rog would be perfect. The price difference is only $100 USD when it comes to the rog 2 and 3. I'm referring to the 12/512GB version. So its really not a huge leap. I often hear people complaining about the os and updates and can't understand why. The rog 2 has received updates about every month. On average about every other month. The only major issue I have at the moment is VOLTE SUPPORT FOR UNITED STATES CARRIERS. Seems they've been getting it to all the other parts of the world, just wondering when or if we're going to see a update for the United States anytime soon, if at all?

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