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Bought a VivoBook 14 earlier this week (F412DA-WS33 to be specific) and for the most part, I really like it. I have a couple questions and observations, though

1: can anyone tell me why Asus decided to go with the partial-depth microSD slot? I prefer to keep a microSD installed, but not if it's going to stick out. If I'd known about this feature, I quite likely would have looked for something different, but it's not a big enough issue to return it over.

2: can I install a SSD alongside the M.2 drive? It looks like there's a spot for one, and I believe a connector on the motherboard next to it. A few minutes online and I found a company that offers what it says is, and looks like, a rubber mount for a SSD and a cable to connect it. Legit, or not? And if so, what's the maximum capacity SSD I can add?

3: looks like max RAM is 12 GB. Has anyone managed to add more than that? Additional note: crucial does not have a listing for F412DA, but does have one for X412DA.

4: back to storage, what's the largest M.2 drive this machine will accept? Can I install a 512 GB M.2? A 1 TB?

I timed boot after all updates, with nothing added or removed, and Win10 booted in 7.76 second. Manjaro Linux takes 22 seconds, but it's till quite fast enough. Anyone else have any issues with linux on this model machine?

Other than that, I like it and expect it's going to do what I want it to for the next couple years

Forgot to ask, will this machine charge over USB-C?


  • see below website

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    I've already seen that page, and it doesn't answer any of my questions.

    This page, though, strongly implies that it should charge on USB-C, so that question's answered. Assuming, of course, that the page actually addresses an issue for this model.

    www . asus . com /us/support/FAQ/1042417

  • Hello Bill,

    1.well...that's just the mechanical design of this device, to see if there is enough space for either kind of card reader. their function are the same. but thank you for your feedback, I will report them.

    2.If your device only comes with the M.2 SSD, then there is no cable for the 2.5 inch hard disk. If your device already have dual hard disk, then you can replace the 2.5 inch HDD with 2.5 inch SSD.

    3.The original RAM is on board, so it can not be changed. There is 1 slot for you to add 1 more RAM, up to 8GB.

    4.512GB is the largest we have tested.

    5.This model does not support charging through USB C port.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks, you've answered the most important questions. Regarding the cable for the HDD/SSD, where can I order one? I've found one source online, but I'm not sure if I want to order through them or not.

    And as for size of the M.2, if I get a 1TB unit, I'll post my results. Actually, make that when I get one.

  • Hello Bill,

    Please contact our local team in your region to see if they are able to help with the cable.

    Thank you.

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