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Asus ROG 2 Phone


Not Rooted

All the time

Wifi Connection

Ever since updating to 17.0240.2009.49, my phone has been listing one of my wifi connections as "Limited"

But today, it now prompts to "Sign in to Wi-Fi network"

I have no captive portal on this network.

My laptop (windows 10 pro) connects without any problems or prompt.

My tablet (Nexus 9) connects without any problems or prompt.

If I tap to sign in, I am shown a black page.

If I select "Use this network as-is" in the 3 dots menu, it works for a few minutes and then puts an X on the Wifi Icon saying "no connection" - even though I was browsing web pages before then.

After that, I can't access anything.

I have tried:

static/dhcp - no change

Treat as Unmetered - no change

Rebooted - no change

Reset Wifi - no change

Dynamic/Static Mac address - no change

Rebooted the router - no change

looked through pfSense logs - no information

Any ideas?


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