PUBGM - Best oils for intense touch-screen gaming?

CravenCraven Level 3
edited November 2020 in ROG Phone 3

So far, I've tried baby oil, face oil, baby powder, foot powder, surgical gloves and thumb gloves. The gloves were no good, surgical ones were sticky. Thumb gloves were way too slippery so i couldn't keep a steady aim on someone, especially when sniping. Powders were ok but since the speakers are front-facing and is adjoined to the screen, I'd be risking some granules to enter the speaker grills at some point. The best medium I've used on this list was oil. Face oil was and is perfect, not too sticky nor slippery, it gave me the right amount of friction when swiping. Baby oil was ok but the problem is the viscosity, it gives the screen a "submerged in water" look and sometimes can be a bit on the slippery side. I'm looking for alternatives on the market, maybe someone knows of a product that closely resembles the quality of face oil? Sadly, I can't rely on it since my face doesn't "oil up" at will. Wish i could harvest it though and just keep it in a small container or something.


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