Max Pro M1:- Android 10 V.432 :- We Need Call Recording Feature...

Device:- Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Version:- Android 10 Beta 4 V.432

Subject:- We Need Call Recording Feature to the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 And M2.


Now A Days, Due to lockdown we had a Very serious Financial Issues like, Frauds, Scams, Phising etc. By Through call from one person to another person i.e or Fraudulent to Victim, Now A days Call Recording Feature is Most important thing to launch a F.I.R In police station, against the Fraudulent calls, But That's Thing was not there in this Devices, Other Brands of smartphones Given this feature in Their UI, Their Android One Devices, And Also in Stock Android Devices, But Why Not Your Company is not providing, such an important feature, for Using Daily basis... Either it is working like a proof manner, Call Recording Was An Important Feature, And You Have to Strictly Publish an Update that supports Call Recording Feature....

Other viewers, Please Share to this Post To Moderators and Developers, so they have to Strictly work on it.

Note :- (For Moderators And Developers)

Call Recording Feature, Will not Violating anyone's Privacy, And these peoples are mature enough, and know that how to Use this call recording feature, Either the person used in Good Manner Or Bad Manner, Asus Was Not Responsible For The Person's Activities Either Legal Or Illegal.

Thank you

Tarun Dalai

@Christine_ASUS, @Victor01_ASUS, @CH_ASUS, @ARP_ASUS, @kikoly, @Mister, @Blake@Blake_ASUS, @Titan_ASUS

Please A Consider with your Higher Authorities, And Developers.


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