You've added black crush to 2009.49 update

So I've updated the phone to 2009.49 and watched the batman trailer at 70 percent and the thing that I observed is that the black crush became so severe after the latest update ,I mean it was so much less at 2007.27, wierd thing is black crush is ok at 50 and 100 percent brightness but at 70 percent brightness it is just unbearable ,Now anyone please help me ,how do I roll back to 2007.27 update please help me😔

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  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
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    I can assure you that we haven't made ANY adjustments to the screen in this update or any of the recent ones either. The most likely reason why you're seeing black crush now is because

    1. You're looking for it
    2. This batman clip has hard compression which increases black crush
    3. You might be viewing it in a darker environment now that you're looking for it than what you normally use your phone in
    4. Maybe you've been mostly watching in 60hz before as lower frequency has always had less black crush.
    5. Memory (unless you're blessed with photographic memory) can never be trusted and most people have a tendency to remember what they want to remember

    I'm going to close this thread as there's no point discussing this any further. I hope you understand. Thanks!


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