Rog Phone 2 randomly turned off

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  1. Model Name: ROG Phone II (ZS660KL)
  2. Firmware Version: 17.0240.2007.27.
  3. Rooted or not: I guess so. Hid the bottom navigation bar. It happened before root.
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: First time interval a month, then a couple of weeks.


Hello there!

My "Rog phone 2" is 9 months old. The first half of the year there were no problems. Then it began to turn off completely randomly when i am unlock the screen. (This may be a coincidence, but it started to happen after updating to android 10) (Unlocked the screen - then a moment and you get black screen) I was surprised, but I didn't panic until it was repeated several times and the interval between them began to shorten. I wrote to support (Service No=E2007060156) I was advised to do a reset. I did.

After 2 months, the phone turned off - then there was an endless loading bar until I tried to swipe to unlock. A message appeared about the temperature in the usb port. But the phone wasn't charging at the time. The last charge was 2 days ago. I rebooted it and the message was gone. The dark theme in the system and in the telegram also flew off.\

The moment of turn off the phone without charging and error message.

Now for the fun part.😕

I went with the phone to a premium service in Moscow, because the phone is still under warranty. They told me that I should NOT charge the phone through the bottom USB-port, because it is connected via a plume and that it is a spare (support) usb-port. They said that I have to charge through the central USB, because it is directly to the motherboard. And if it happens again, then come. Is this some kind of joke? 

I have several questions:

1. What happens to my phone and how adequate is the statement that I should not use the lower port ??

2. Are random shutdowns (there were no overheating messages) related to this situation?

PS: after the temperature pop-up message I made a bug report via the power button (but don't know where they are saved)

PSPS: I practically don't use my phone. Social networks a couple of times in a day.

Here is a screenshot of how long my phone sometimes lives.

Sorry for the places where the english is bad.

But I'm afraid that if I write to Russian support, I will get to their office and they would ignore it.

Thank you.


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