[ZS620KL] Touch panel issue.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ZS620KL.
  2. Firmware Version: Latest (.99).
  3. Rooted or not: Non-rooted.
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Persistent.
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Everywhere.

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Hello, moderators!

I bought a ZenFone 5Z to play a few games that are heavier than my previous smartphone could run.

I'm satisfied with the graphic performance and even the audio is enough to make the game fun.

But the touch panel is not congruent with the overall performance of the device.

In shooting games (more noticeable in those in first-person, although also present in those in third-person) the aim simply does not follow the given command as it should.

There is a delay in response, where the finger goes and only after almost 1 second the aim follows (which seems little, but makes a huge difference in this kind of game).

Besides the problems when trying to make fine adjustments when aiming.

One of them happens when you lean your finger on the screen and try to move the aim slowly. The aim only starts to move after the finger has moved a little, as if there was a dead zone before the response when the finger slides.

The other problem occurs when sliding the finger, also slowly, the screen flickers, as if the response of that finger pulses between each area touched during the slide.

By the way, all these things are not only felt in games, but in the system and also in test applications it is possible to reproduce.

Could you check these issues?



  • I realized this after writing the text of the thread.

    I did some research here in ZenTalk and saw each of the previous threads on the subject, until the oldest.

    I felt the same as the other users, a moment of truce in the .87 version, then we returned to the standard.

    I'm already prepared to be asked for videos and logs to check the same as always, but I don't feel it can make a difference anymore. 😔

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    Hi Alice Renaut

    Thank you for your asking. TBH, because the process of collecting logs and video is quite complicated, I hadn't received any usable logs before last FOTA, V99. Meanwhile, I didn't encounter the same issue while testing my device.

    Kindly check your inbox and provide me some essential information and logs for further checking.

    If there is anyone who encounter the same situation and willing to collect logs for me, kindly contact me here or PM me.

    Hi amitgarde3

    Thanks for your kind reminder.

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    Hello, @Christine_ASUS.

    First of all, just to clarify, I wasn't criticizing your work. I just tried to say that what I was prepared to offer to the ASUS technical support team is less than what you have already received from the users in the previous threads.

    Because, about the videos, I don't have another device to record my 5Z.

    Regarding the logs, I would like to know more about the application you shared with me via private message. Because I work with sensitive data and I can't take any risks.

    By the way, I believe in your potential, you can use your imagination anytime you want! 😉

  • Hi @Christine_ASUS,

    I had provided a COD mobile gameplay video in the other thread

    Could not collect logs though. Let me know if that helps!


    @Alice Renaut @amitgarde3

  • Hi Alice Renaut

    Thank you for your assistance.

    1. The video from another device: The video is an essential information of the logging process, especially the issue related to touch/screen, it can help the tech team to recognize the issue timing from the screen (video) and the back stage data (logs).

    2. The logs will only use for internal search in HQ.

    If you still able to help, please provide me the logs and the video via PM to avoid any personal information leaking.

    Hi subhojit.dey

    Thank you for your reply. Please check your inbox for the guide of collecting the logs and reply me via PM to avoid any personal information leaking. :)

  • I will then wait for someone who can lend me a device capable of recording my screen externally. As soon as possible, I will send you everything!

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    Multi-touch/touch screen Not fixed

    Firmware..99/ zenfone 5z

    Unstable touchscreen persists in this version as with any firmware.

    I request an update for many times in this forum.


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    By the way, @Christine_ASUS.

    There are some things I would like you to test (and this I am sure you will be able to reproduce).

    Using a multi-touch tester, it can be the one from ASUS or the one from 511plus (available on the Play Store, with graphics that show the problem more clearly), you will slowly slide over the screen one finger, then try with two, three and so on.

    You will notice, with extreme ease, the problem we are reporting, from the three-finger glide.

    All the other devices I've had have never performed so badly, even with more than five fingers on the screen.

    This causes the problem of fine-tuning the scope in shooting games, even with only one or two fingers.

    As for the delay, it is also easy to check.

    First, in the multi-touch tester, move two fingers quickly over the screen (also more evident when using more fingers) and notice that the graphic (which represents the touch) is even one or two centimeters away from where the finger really is.

    Another delay, this one more annoying, happens when you lean two fingers on the screen and when you try to move one of them slowly, you notice that the movement is only recognized half an inch or more (the slower, the more noticeable the issue becomes).

    Could you test and comment about these three issues?

    Couldn't these be caused by a failure in queuing actions due to thread asynchrony or even between the CPU and the GPU?

  • Hi burakterzi91

    Thank you for your reply. Are you willing to collect the logs to assist us understanding your issue more? I will send you the step after you agree to help.

    Hi Alice Renaut

    Thank you for your reply. Kindly refer to the video below as multi-touch test you mentioned in ZenFone 5 V17.0615.2005.25 and ZenFone 5Z WW- I can hardly notice the difference. I still need the logs and videos from users and you for further checking.

    ASUS multi-touch test

    511plus multi-touch test

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    "...you will slowly slide over the screen one finger, then try with two, three and so on."

    "...when you lean two fingers on the screen and when you try to move one of them slowly..."

    For the quick movement test, it is best noticed by sliding from the top of the screen down. In fact, this is the one that least bothers us.

    Stuttering bugs are the worst, followed by what simulates a dead zone of an analog control.

    I think that ZenFone 5 is the best way to compare, don't they use the same panel?

    In addition, I would like to thank you for your patience and good will.

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    I tested it for 2 minutes. I cut the video because it was long. The same happens in the game, after a while, he can not detect it. has a multitouch problem. Short-term tests are misleading. When I test it, it works well, but test for a long time, the screen does not detect touch. I also have a second or two lag in games, but I have to keep my hand off the screen, and there will be a perception problem when I stay on the screen for a long time.

    Also It will also be difficult to show in the game. It works properly for a while, when suddenly it doesn't detect when you need to press the skill for a second or two, 1.2 Seconds destroys your whole experience in the game.

    I have no problem with daily use. An app that will enable multitouch (if I open a game) suddenly the screen reacts late

    our wish is stable multi-touch/touch screen response

  • sorry samsung note 2's screen even works more stable than Zenfone 5z. 😭

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    Hello, @Anders_ASUS, nice to meet you!

    This delay that you don't understand usually occurs to me when I'm in game position, with the screen in landscape mode and the fingers positioned in the move character/move camera format.

    When you rest your two fingers on the screen as if you were not going to move them, then try to move one of them (extremely slowly) as if you were going to make a small adjustment on the scope (try to move your finger millimeter by millimeter), you notice the "dead zone".

    By the way, I would like to add that stuttering also happens with two fingers, it is with two fingers that it is most disturbing in games.

    In the .87 version, it has improved the two-finger situation, but it still exists, and it has become protruding again in the .92 version.

    Thanks for your attention!

  • I totally agree with you.I show you an example of this.

    I made a video to show this now

    .@Anders_ASUS @Alice Renaut

    But .87 didn't fix the problem completely, it was the best improvement with the screen .92 and .99 got worse.

  • It wasn't detected on the vertical screen, it just doesn't have to be the horizontal screen. Suddenly not detecting on the multi-touch screen I showed it today

    Watch multitouch tester video :) @Alice Renaut

  • I can reproduce the delay she's saying, sadly, it's only detected when recorded with another device.

  • Hi burakterzi91 & BrunoF20

    Thank you for your reply. Kindly check your inbox and PM me back the logs and video to avoid any personal information leaking.

    So far I haven't received any logs and videos yet. Anyone who faces the same situation and willing to provide the logs and video please reply the thread. Thank you.

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