Phone getting switch off while charging

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: asus rog 2
  2. Firmware Version:WW-V17.0240.2007.27
  3. Rooted or not: not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: most of time while charging
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


I think this thing start happening from August,,intially phone get locked or restart sometime while playing pubg during charging and that time frequency was like one or two time and this thing wasn't happening everytime using charging

Now the frequency is increased and phone now get switch off even using normal apps and people are saying may be this is due to temperature raise

But my phone is getting switch off even at 37 degree and not getting switch off at 40 degree while charging and one more thing is from the time this problem started phone getting heated more than before the problem persists

M using phone at 60fps not even at 90 or 120

So kindly look into this matter..I was already having a bad experience with asus laser phone but give again shot to buy asus phone as I thought this is high range phone it will be better but I was wrong..there is no benefit of just launching new models if u can not provide better service and updates for ur phones..

Everytime asus update come up with new bugs this thing happened at time of my asus laser phone and now same thing is happening with this model

I was about to buy other phone but I gave a shot to rog 2 because I believed in u again but asus is proving everyone wrong..plz make ur service and phones better and fix these types of issues as early as possible


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    Do you face the same issue when not playing PUBG? Do you get the same issue while charging and not doing anything?

  • This issue is now happening even at idle

    And even if m on call with someone and use any app sideways that time it will get freeze for sec and then switch off and sometime directly switch off while charging

    Initially it started while playing pubg during August but now frequency is more and happening with any app

  • And I forgot to mention one thing I don't know it's related to it or not..but few days before this thing started happening.. chrome app sometime was crashing or phone getting hang while using Chrome that time then I updated Google Chrome app and then no such thing happened but after few days this switchoff problem started

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    I was aware of the Chrome freeze issue and that should have been fixed by Google now as I had that same problem. Thanks for mentioning that too.

    You can try a few things that was suggested by others but it might not work for everyone:

    Turn off the system lighting from the notification bar.

    I appreciate you might be using Dual Sim or ot might not be applicable for you, but go to Settings - Network & Internet - Sim Card and then turn off Dual Sim 4G.

    This week, there will be a FOTA update to the phone. You could wait for that to see if it helps.

    If none of these work, then the advice from moderators is try doing a factory reset. If all else fails as this issue still cant be consistently replicated by moderators, then you would need to visit ASUS local service centre. We know the inconvenience to go to service centre at the moment, but it would be the only way to get the device checked.

  • Thanks bro but now m waiting for update may be that will solve this issue.. I don't want to go to service center as service center are not good here ..if m going for this issue I don't know this is going to be solved or not by going there but for sure they gonna give some more issues to phone just like they did to my previous phone

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    I don't know if I am allowed to post XDA links here, but if you do a Google search and search on this without the quotes:

    "xda temperature-shutdown-resolved-service-t4162945"

    The first result it comes up, go to that link, you will see that problem can be resolved through service centre. In this current climate, it would be almost impossible, but there are signs that visiting service centre do rectify the issue.

  • Hi,

    I would recommend you to visit service center so that your device can be diagnosed better.

    Due to the lockdown, service centers may not be functional. Kindly call the service center before you visit one.

  • I used phone in safe mode even then phone get switch off while charging within 1 minute.. is problem is with software update or any hardware problem?

  • Same problem whenever i charge the mobile automatically turned off. While updating the apps in playstore also getting off.please fix the issue.also chrome getting crash if I use morethan 15 minutes.

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