Can I buy ROG 3 now Anyone tell ?

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Can I buy ROG 3 now.. If all the issues is rectified? Please anyone tell Me

I am waiting for a month to buy this




  • Are you those people who wants the perfect phone?

  • Dont buy asus if you want your life to be easier. Not a good brand. Especially rog 3

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    Support forums may not be best place to judge the phone and making your purchase decision.

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    Join this telegram community for Rog phones and decide :)


  • I do recommend it.

    Black crush seems fixed for me, or not really noticeable. Unless you use your phone in completely dark room lowest screen brightness all the time, it is really not a big issue as ppl made it to be.

    I really liked power bypass, trigger, and actually the squeeze feature, you can do handy stuffs like just turned on the flashlight by just squeezing the phone (imagine in dark area this is convenient)

    Also samsung screen also had different issues, do I think oled screen just have problems, lcd is probably best for nice color

  • Buy blackshark 3s or 3 pro instead, they use Samsung panel better than rog 3. I done with rog phone, next year i goi going blackshark instead of rog

  • Judging from my rog 2 experience, the phone is unusable and i am pretty sure same thing will happen to rog 3 in couple of months so better go for iphone or oneplus or samsung.

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    The con with other gaming phones is bad software support and ui (and bloatware),plus mods hardly answer on their forums then you have no custom rom development (Asus sends devices to developers) and no gcam development,that sucks.

    And Samsung panels won't be any good I guess as OnePlus 8/pro use samsung panels and have a shit ton of display issues

    Rog is the right mix between gaming and "normal" right now

  • Asus is no better. I bet i would get treated better by mi support even if their phone costs like 78$. They get updates and most importantly they work like they should work and make our life easier. Not like asus where every other day we have to make a post regarding bugs and issues in the forum and ITS NEVER FIXED!! Where every other day you need to go to service center to submit your phone for 15 days and didnt even use it for 3 months and facing hardware issues... I know mi has bloat wares but what do you expect from a phone that is super cheap? My expectations from asus is currently 0 until asus do some miracle and fix bugs and bring new features to rog 2 then only i will consider recommeding anyone asus products.

  • Trust me, display issues are better than unusable phone. Look at rog 2, this will be the condition of rog 3 in couple of months.

  • Um every forum has complains first of all it's not that other OEMs don't have them

    Xiaomi pushed Mexico region ota to India lol

    Then OnePlus Nord has an issue where the phone factory resets by itself (7 series had the same bug)

    Then OnePlus 8 series/Nord have widely reported display issues which wasn't solved by OnePlus so there's that and their forums and tg grps are filled with bug reports

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    And no they don't get timely updates

    Poco f1 for instance is getting miui 12 which is based on android 10 now

    Miui 11 was based on android pie

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    If you want faster updates flagship Zenfones are a better fit

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    Please don't compare the crap MI phones with asus. Bloat ware bloat ware everywhere.Always Copying ios look and feel. No unique features. Always have a feel of using clone phone. One of the worst phones to live with. Please don't recommend mi phones in this forum.

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    I guess ROG 3 will definetely get android 11 and android 12 but rollout will be slower compared to Zen phones.

  • Are you seriously telling us the ROG phone 3 panel is better than OnePlus and Samsung .

    Samsung is the best OLED display manufacturer. Their Exynos are the worst chip right now in phones.

    Don't be a sellout. If there is something wrong with a product admit it and try to find a solution for it.

    OnePlus has one of the best customer community and service. They have the fastest best Android OS right now. OnePlus also got hit with black crush issue this year but they respond with

    Replace, repair and refund policy. OnePlus is the hands down one of the best phones in India.

  • The other option i would buy if not rog3 is the coming sony 5 II

    It has good screen at 120hz, the power bypass feature, 240hz input lag. Headphone jack, sd card reader, ips rating.

    Just lower specs 865 non plus, 8g, 256g, and no air trigger so if you want most power and value for your money I would still go for rog3. Anyway liking rog3, at least they roll out quick updates, no regrets!

  • Every phone has issues but not big issues that makes the phone unusable. Phone turns off every 10 min. Giving phone for 15 days for repair and problem still happens. Prove me wrong that asus is not the only company to torutre their customers. Rog 3 will be the same as rog 2 in couple of months. Just wait and watch.

  • Mi phones have bloat wares, that is correct but what do you expect from their price range?? We are paying 500$ to asus to get this horrible product which is now unusable after 1 year of usage! Battery drainage was 5% per hour of youtube and now its doubled! 10%/h which is the battery capacity of 3200 mah phones currently and they degrade over a peroid of 2-4 years unlike asus... My battery is now half of what it was 1 year ago even after i charge it to 80% and keep it between 20-80%. Still heavy degradation. You asus fanboys will realise this when rog 3 will become a past thing and when asus will start working on rog 4 then you will realise this. Dont worry, just wait a couple of months and see which is better - mi or asus at given price range.

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