ROG Phone 2 Nightmare Continues

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG phone 2
  2. Firmware Version: Android 10
  3. Rooted or not: Not rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Hello everyone.

I'm here to write about my horrid experience with Asus Rog Phone 2.

I did make a thread earlier, but no one seems to notice, care or do anything about it so here I am, in hopes of getting my issue resolved.

Here's the link to my previous thread -

Sadly, the sevice centre guys didn't fix the issue at all. They gave me a replacement phone (Zenfone 5z. Seriously?) about 10 days after I submitted my device & only after showed them their Director (Dinesh Sharma's) video specifically mentioning that a replacement (either ROG 1 or 2) is to be provided. Blatant violation of their own promise.

Coming back to my phone, they took 25 days to get my device 'repaired' & worst of all, the problem still persists. So basically, I wasted a months warranty for nothing.

I'm now convinced that ROG phone 2 has compromised hardware or consistent hardware issues & Asus sold a faulty product. Worse yet, they simply don't care.

I don't even know what I'm going to do now. For most people here, it won't seem like a big deal but I spent a LOT of my hard earned money on this phone & it feels really bad to be in this situation. And I don't even know what I'm going to do next. I basically lost my faith in Asus Service & ROG phone 2 itself after this incident.

Here are the options I have ahead of me -

1. Re-submit the device with the service center, hope they fix it for real this time & waste another month's worth warranty in the process

2. Ask the company for a replacement unit as my unit might be particularly flawed (but that seems unlikely seeing how many people here have exact issues with their ROG phone 2)

3. Ask the company for a full refund (which I'm pretty certain they wont citing some legal reason)

4. Ask the company for an ROG phone 3 (and pay the price difference) hoping the newer phone isn't full of these issues

5. Give up, sell off all my Asus products, warn all my friends & family against buying Asus products & never look back at owning Asus products again.

I'd really appreciate if someone helps me out here. Please, don't take customer dissappointment lightly.


Rohit Pawar


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    File a consumer complaint against Asus. I'll back you up and I'm pretty sure some of the users here wouldn't mind doing the same.

  • Hi Rohit,

    Really sorry for the experience you had.

    As checked and taken your case in priority I have personally checked with service. You don't need to worry here. I will get back to service and try to get the best solution here.

  • I have considered doing that as well, but I'm sure they have tons of policies & a squad of lawyers that would make things difficult for me. I am seriously considering it though.

  • I really hope what you said happens. All I'm asking for is a properly functioning device I paid for, more so because it's still in warranty.

  • This phone is all hardware with no software and proper support. What else can we expect from a company that builds pc. Its like they just dont care about software and customer feedback on it. No new features and all fake promises just rage me and make me think twice for going for the next series of asus phone lineup because its just complete trash.

  • Well, even the hardware is flawed in my case. So terribly disappointed here.

  • Update -

    Got a call just now form Asus Mumbai office. They basically asked me to submit the device again with the service center (for real Asus?). I told them that I'm not willing to waste another 25 days only to see the problem still persisting and that replacement would make more sense, but the said it was against 'Company policy'.

    I swear to God, if they fail me this time, I'll first lodge a consumer complaint as someone here suggested & later sell off all my asus products & never look back at them again. This experience is beyond frustrating & I expected some decency from you Asus!

  • Asus is good in computer market just because they make good hardware and computer doesnt require alot of optimization since windows handle all the software part but in android there is a different story. Android requires alot of optimization and i think asus devs dont know how to fix bugs in android so theres that. I would say they should hire new developers instead of the ones that are working right now because they are not doing too well and they might be the reason that is making us regret our decision to buy this phone.

  • option 5 sounds so good to me rohit.pawar1007 i dont want to end up with an expensive paperweight. it is unbelievable that a company should put out such an expensive product and do not support it. i need to find a way to give them negative press. how could they give no thought to the changes that are coming. if anyone knows where i can list this rog2 for sale please let me know. their attention to detail is lacking and i do not want to end up with a stroke or heart attach because of those d#$% asus people.

  • Bro same thing is happening with every asus rog2 getting automatically locked or switch off while charging but they don't care to chck out any software or update problem.. because all this started happening to everyone after july update

    They are just sending everyone to service center like only one or two guys are having this problem

    We can't even sell out our device because of this issue..I don't know what we should do..we have spent so much of our hard earned money on this device 😕

  • "Hi Rohit,

    Really sorry for the experience you had.

    As checked and taken your case in priority I have personally checked with service. You don't need to worry here. I will get back to service and try to get the best solution here."

    try to get the best solution? what are they playing? THE BEST solution to me as a novice would be to add a patch or upgrade the software (i am not sure what the correct word or phrasing should be) unfortunately, it will not matter to them if i in my small circle of people warn them about asus. their not including such a critical piece of software is equal some manufactures not fixing a problem they know about because they figure it would be cheaper to fix individual complaints than do a recall of their product. i hope an expert will be able to find a solution because i dont think asus cares enough to fix their problem.

  • are we lucky enough to have some geniuses on this site that will be able to fix the problem that asus is doing nothing about?

  • Just backup your data and downgrade your phone, trust me A9 is so much better, stable and way less battery consuming than A10. Please give it a try!

  • thanks but i have to hope there will be a solution. i can not afford to end up it being an expensive paperweight

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