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VoLTE in Australia

Star II

ROG Phone 5S (Global)

Latest Rolled Out Firmware 

Not Rooted

Occurrences Every Time I Try To Place A Call On 4g


SO the ASUS and Aus VoLTE saga continues with no answers. I haven't found much hope or information that this phone will still be a phone after the 3G cutoff in Australia. I have spoken to a representative from my telco company who lied and said it will be fine (untrue as I've already tested the device's capability to make  VoLTE calls and failed every time, not sure how it would suddenly have a different outcome in one and a half months). Mind you this functionality has worked just fine in both the US and Hong Kong respectively. Those are the only other two places I've had experience with it.

BUT I had another representative (from an ASUS call centre) claim that the phone will work but strictly on Australia's Vodafone carrier. I'm not sure if it's true but I have seen it in other forums so I guess it corroborates what I've seen but I'm not too sure I trust it - I'd like some affirmation of this.


There's going to be a LOT of people looking for answers in the next few months as to what they can do with their smartphones and just become WiFi/Data Tablets.

I'm also interested to know if any ROG mobile device after the ROG Phone 5 will have this problem if I decide to update to a newer model, I definitely wouldn't as of now with 0 assurance that it'll be anything more than a gaming tablet.


Star II

And finally the update: The ASUS rep has also lied as a Vodafone AU rep has informed me that the phone definitely will not be supported to use VoLTE. That's gonna be a lot of angry customers.

My current carrier keeps telling me to update the system (it's on the latest and final update) and that I have to be running Android 9 and least (I'm running 13 currently). Also to make sure VoLTE is switched on, which was an obvious first step in this whole debacle lol

Oh well I guess? Goodbye expensive phone