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Well i wanted to use rog phone 2 so i upgraded from oneplus 6 to it . But than it came as an bad thing jist because of its firmware / software updates they are so damn slow got android 10 after almost 6-7 months of release whereas oneplus 7t which launched alongside rog 2 got it inside the box and now its been gone all august and half september but still no security patch updates also for august so i wont even ask for september im tired so just gonna switch to oneplus again #soon



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    It sounds like you have ran into a security problem which was fixed in August. May I ask which security issue was you concerned about? Maybe I have the same issue too.

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    Sorry, I want to add something else too. There's a phone which rolls out patches even more quicker than OnePlus. That's nothing but Google itself. The Google Pixel. You will get the preview version of Androids and even get the stable release first. Security updates will get rolled out quicker because afterall, Android is Google.

  • We have a FOTA coming to ROG II in September that will include an updated security patch.

  • Yeah bcoz google creates android so obviously they will give their phones first priority but everyone else is getting android 11 with not even premium but mid range and budget ones too but asus dont even give security updates on time so why to even expect android updates we rog 2 users got android 10 after 6 months while mid range phones got earlier than us

  • But what about android updates we spent 40k not for just usage but also the first joy to get android updates but i think thats why asus is lacking market value just because of such slow android updates

  • Didnt even got august security patch yet my phone is running on july security patch which arrived at the end of august so why even bother to give patch updates when you are delaying so much

  • Or asus zenfone flagships 

    2019's zenfone 6 is on September patch right now (with Android 11 beta program underway)

    It got a11 beta 1 yesterday

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    I don't disagree with any of the comments at all @dj.darshan53 .

    I guess ROG (or any ASUS phone considered as gaming phone) is in its own league when it comes to software coding for the gaming phone, afterall it's not a normal phone. Even though I don't or have never owned a Zenfone (yet). It would be interesting if A10 was around the same time span it released beta.

    It will also be interesting see how other "gaming phones" come in with A11 updates. That's where the competition begins. There's no point comparing a gaming phone with a normal phone or price in the matter of things. Every phone will have their pros and cons. So the comparison I was thinking about is like Red Magic or Black Shark compared to ROGs.

  • Chutiya cheez pe kya hi comment karu just waiting for a buyer gonna sell and get this shit outta my pocket

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    I must say good luck on your quest. As an advice, when you get your next phone, I recommend doing some research on the number of security patches the manufacturer is providing. Just saying so you don't make the same mistake when you got the ROG phone.

  • Whats wrong with you bro?

    Is it sarcasm?

    Are you saying that if our priority is security and latest android update then don't buy Rog phone?

    Coz it's a gaming phone?

    Have you seen that 90% of the posts are about auto shutdown and restart issue?

    If you are in middle of a game and it shuts down automatically, is it a gaming feature?

    Still you want to compare it to other gaming phones like blackshark and redmagic?

    I know you are very helpful to some users. However, now you have started to poke everyone in their posts. When some users are facing few issues or wanted some updates or features, whats wrong with that.

    People are feeling very annoying about you.

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    I believe my next will be Samsung. Fast security updates, system stability and VoLTE, a simple VoLTE enabled.

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    It was not sarcasm. Didnt mention that you should not buy the phone if you're top concern is security. I was only advising him to do some research because not all phones will roll out security updates on the same month it is out.

    Shut down issue have been answered by moderators and I have simply relayed that message. No one said it was a feature. My friends and I cannot re-produce the issue and we too play PUBG. I won't answer on others behalf. But that alone is not a software issue because we would get the same issue. Would you agree?

    When I've said Black Shark and Red Magic, it was comparing on update intervals. Shut down issue was irrelevant to the discussion. In my other response to OP, I compared Google Pixels and OnePlus. Not sure why OP didn't want Google Pixel instead of OnePlus. I thought it was a great recommendation since A11 is out and about already.

    I don't need to discuss about the last sentence. It's a forum.

  • Yeah well Samsung updates a lot of their devices faster nowadays

  • Don't say that or they'll forward it to their developers 😂🤣

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    Ngl you're really good at writing essays instead of trying to understand the person's experience, but hey everyone's got flaws you just gotta start working on them. You might be doing this out of the good of your heart but whatever you say on the forum isn't helping those who have had a bad experience and just want the OEM to listen to them and sometimes Ronald it's better not say anything if you can't really help them with the problem.

    Again I'm expecting nothing less than an essay if you decide to reply.... don't disappoint me.


    As for everyone else, guys there's nothing we can do other than wait for the update, ASUS will push it when they feel like the SW has passed all their internal tests and other things like CTS approval from Google and what not. I'm expecting some major changes this coming update and if there's nothing new then I'm gonna jump ship too just like you, so lets see what they have for us coz if it ain't something good they're gonna lose me and lots of others who are still here after facing major issues with this device.

  • What is so different about gaming phones ?? High speed displays are now main stream and natively supported. Other manufacturers also have stereo speakers. There are 2 USB ports and air triggers which are extra, but they don't have to tune the kernel for these every time they release an update. It's more or less the same as a normal phone.

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    🤣 I like the essays comment.

    Not giving precise or being vague doesn't help any of the problems at all. To some people, taking that much information might be a struggle as the expectations is usually a quick resolution to everything and workarounds/investigation isn't acceptable. That I understand - but this what makes problems on forums so difficult to understand as it could be interpreted differently. Apart from the pandemic, which part of go to service centre so you can get your phone checked doesn't make sense -and that was from the moderators?

    So yes I do understand the fustrations you guys are getting with issues, but if a moderator says that you need to visit a service centre, that moderator is clearly saying they can't do anything from their side. New features is basically the same. Moderators has his hands tied, they can't do anything from their side because devs haven't come back to them and yet on the other side, you have people wanting updates and if nothing is done, there will be utter chaos. Yet, they always give you professionalism on forums.

    Not saying anything is not my type as I do genuinely try to help both sides. I see people are replying to issues with suggestions which is good. We all make mistakes. We all learn from each other's mistake. Demanding is not always good to get your request through but that could be a language barrier. But as soon as someone disagrees or is up for discussion, the words "dumb", "idiot", "fanboy" appear quickly.

    But the question is, do you understand though? I have plenty of time on my hand and I will be around for some time. 😁 See you all around.

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    To me - the hardware is more important for a gaming phone. Software i.e. the looks (like changing colour, background) comes to the bottom of the list for me. I am from Europe and I don't use VOLTE and 5G wasn't even on my requirement list for gaming. The RAM and processing power i.e. the speed will always come first than the quality for me. Does quality actually make you play better? But its your viewpoint really at the end as not everyone has the same style of play.

    Gaming phones are kind of different because of the bulked up hardware and even the looks sometimes. Just like a gaming PC with bulked up hardware and running on the same Windows or Linux Distros. Likewise, what is the point of a gaming mouse to a normal mouse. Air triggers is another hardware feature that the gaming phones are coming up with that a normal phone dont have. I know some of you will come back saying this isnt a gaming phone because it is breaking for me. But this is a discussion about two phones that work.

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