Fingerprint Animation

edited October 2020 in ROG Phone 3

Sir on ROG Phone 3 the Fingerprint Animation is too bright that I cannot see for other 20 seconds and the light is too bright that it affects my eyes too. Please add some light animations or none option in the animation.

Thank You.


  • Dont waste your time posting suggestions. My posts are filled with suggestions and bugs needed to be fixed but its been months and they did not even put any of those features in updates. No need to suggest because they simply ignore it. I bet one of mods will appear and say thanks for suggestion, we will look into it and then next update comes and there is no feature that you suggested or any fixes for problem that you are facing. You wait more for next update and its still not fixed and then you realise that you are dealing with a bunch of lazy team members trying to fool us and this forum is nothing but just to convence us that " yeah asus has forum where you can post your problems" that never gets fixed

    Its just for formality and nothing ever gets fixed that has been posted in this forum.

  • I'm satisfied with whatever I've said , copy paste ( as I too want to mention all this) . They dnt care they dnt look , more than 6 months I've been seeing such posts about features request they are not ready to take a step at all forget about bringing them. To everyone and to their problems there is only one solution - Switch to Rog Phone 3 as they want this it it!

  • @shobhitsharmauni0007 The fingerprint sensor light is needed to be able to read your fingerprint in dark conditions and can't be disabled. I'll pass your feedback on though.

  • Wait, so is it needed for the person to see where to put the finger, or is it needed for the fingerprint sensor itself to read the finger in dark conditions?

    In the first case, it's just annoying in low light conditions, I have to turn away from the phone all the time when unlocking it, and the blueish fingerprint symbol is enough to know where to place your finger anyway in my opinion.

    In the second case I would understand this, but it would make me think about how other optical sensors work without light (e.g. the one in Zenfone 6).

  • @radekrad250 Second case. It's needed to improve the sensor performance in low light conditions.

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