Added additional Monitor and view is oversized.

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Help please. I have a Zenbook 14 UX434FLC and added additional monitors using extended display On my old ASUS the monitor displays were sized correctly and was able to see the toolbar at the bottom.

But - when connected to my Zenbook I cannot see the toolbars at the bottom of the additional monitor screens, only on the main laptop screen.

My display settings for the monitors are 100% scale (recommended) and 1920x1080 (Recommended) Resolution. Changing the resolution does not make a difference. Nor does changing the scale.

How can I fix this to see the toolbar on all the other monitors?


  • Hello spfarnham2,

    What brand and model is the monitor?

    And which scale and resolution have you tried?

    Thank you.

  • Hey Blake-Asus ... Just found out how and it's an embarrassingly easy fix. I thought it was oversizing. BUT - got into taskbar and scrolled down to see the toggle that says "Show taskbar on all displays". And viola!!! It's there.

  • Hello spfarnham2,

    Glad that you solve the problem.

    Thank you for the update.

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