Asus 6z motherboard damage

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: 6z/ZS630KL
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: No

One day, the screen went black suddenly, though the phone was responsive underneath, and the notification also was visible. One day passed, the issue still did not resolve. Next day, I submitted the device to asus service center, they said that the motherboard had been damaged. I would like to mention that i had recently installed an update, could this be due to that?What should be done next? It's been just 13 months since I have bought the device. I guess, a new motherboard would be around the M.R.P of the phone😕


  • Lesson : Never update as soon you get an OTA , keep collecting all the information regarding bugs from youtube or other reliable platforms, it is tough to say when things going to be stable, usually Build before a new OS will be stable.

    Coming to your case, since your device is just OOW, rather than getting it repaired for a huge sum, better wait and buy a new model from a reliable brand.

  • Is there no other option, will nothing be done from asus side. I spent a huge amount on the phone. Also, it back from the serive center last month only . It was submitted for flip camera issues. It stayed there for around 1 month.

  • I can feel the pain, even I bought this 2 months back and it's my first high-end spec phone but it is so unfortunate from a reputed brand.

    Try to approach local repair centre for a lesser amt on repair else wait and go for other reliable smartphones

  • I somewhere read online that, asus had requested users to submit their phones for repair after they had issues after installing updates. Hope, mine also falls under that category. Really hope asus comes up with something, because they have great brand value. and this kind of thing is not acceptable. I mean they are giving out free phones on promotional and advertisement basis, but are not doing anything for people who bought their phones at such high costs. I was so excited for 6z that I had purchased it on the first day of sale. I guess, I made a huge mistake.

  • Hi gauravosingh1997,

    Is your issue solved after visiting the service center?

  • The service center has told me that the motherboard needs to be changed. I have reached out to the asus people, they have said that they will provide me an resolution by tomorrow.

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