[5z] .92 latest firmware serious issues need to be fixed

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  1. Model Name: 5z
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): date&time am/pm,screen recording (game genie) ,wrong battery stats,touch issues in games, Also no status icon manager in 5z for am/pm toggle

1) I tried factory data reset on latest .92 firmware and i lost basic am/pm option from system even after several tries of 24 hour format toggle ON & OFF from data & time i still was unable to see am/pm in front of time on notification bar so i again tried to do a factory data reset (2nd factory reset) and still the situation is same i cant get am/pm back before factory data reset everything was good with no issues 🥴

2) Also record option from game genie is really very unstable sometimes works and sometimes not

3) Wrong battery stats is stil present in .92 even after factory data resets

4) Touch responses are really worse in games now it was much better in .87 but .92 again ruined everything check this thread for touch problems 👇

5) No "status bar icon manager" in 5z to turn any specific option on or off like am/pm adding it to 5z may make system much stable to show am/pm

6) Now battery backup is also decreased with an hour as backup was much better with .70 update (idle phone hours doesn't have any problems no serious drains ) but normal usage like social apps has lot of power consumption even after factory resets

These are all above issues faced after factory data resets on latest .92 firmware i think something is really bad with recent update please look into it


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  • 1/5) yes, I'm having the same and can confirm it. no am/pm or toggling option available.

    2) My GameGenie recording isn't working at all.

    3) yes, not fixed.

    4) also please, enter this touch thread and bring it back to EN, it's not in portuguese.

    6) felt it in MarioKartTour, draining is 2 times worse.


    The media volume slider is also bugged again...

    It seems like .92 was made upon .70, ignoring and removing all improvements of .87.

  • Idle battery drain has improved but active usage is draining battery way faster, 92 update has done something seriously wrong with active usage. Camera viewfinder stutters present when movement is very slowly. This was solved in last update. @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS please look into this

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    - Battery drains faster and need to be fixed, I tried to downgrade to 9 and again back to latest A10 and my battery backup seems like improved but after 1-2 days it again back to normal. It drains way faster even if in normal use like social media. I don't do much gaming but still battery drains quickly (Note:- Not in idle condition)

    - Wrong battery stats issue is still not solved

    Here I attached screenshots and you can see that I haven't use voot at all and still its showing it consumed 2% battery and even if I had force stopped voot.

    - Atleast add "status bar icon manager" in 5z to turn any specific option on or off and Am/pm issue is there because I had to downgrade to A9 and again updated to A10 to enable that basic feature because factory reset didn't help.

    @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS please look into this.

  • In Android 10 game genie use dedicated screen recorder to record, so from now onwards use screen recorder to record gameplay, it works same as game genie does.

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    Status bar icon manager can be enabled by following these steps

    1.Download activity launcher

    2. Search demo mode in the search bar (click on that)

    And done you can access status bar icon manager now

    Some screenshots:

    This should solve your issue with am/pm option too imo

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    And I personally don't face any issues with game genie screen recorder it works fine for me

    But you can still use the screen recorder option from qs tiles it's basically the same

    Just add it to the front row (like in my ss),one swipe is all you need to start recording

  • Battery and other stuff should be fixed in the next update hopefully 🤞

    I personally love much much faster and responsive the ui is now

  • Ah yes leaving that everything works

    Try a 3rd party app from PlayStore for that

  • The AM/PM or any status bar icon issue can be solved with this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bryancandi.android.uituner

    5z does have a control for that but its hidden.

    The UI touch / stutter / freeze is gone now and UI animations are better.

    The Game touches are terrible again. COD mobile is close to unplayable with this kind of touch lag. I don't think we have a respectable touch response rate now even. Was better in .87

    Idle battery drain is great

    Battery drainage while in use is bad. Games are not playable for long phone dies simply. Video calls are impossible too with this kind of drain. Stats are wrong too.

    Wifi calling feature would be appreciated along with these fixes. Thanks!

  • But don't u think Asus should add that speed meter 😅 Because 6z had it and both 5z and 6z are running on zenui6 so we should expect that feature.

  • I know we have workarounds to fix that AM/PM n also screenrecordings but i feel that if software update brought this new implementations than i think those features must work flawlessly without issues n workarounds

  • I played COD for 10 minutes. I can't see how it's "unplayable". Where is the stuttering or unresponsive touch response? A comment like this won't help me find the issue.

    I need detailed info like "press like this while doing that and you will clearly see it" or maybe a video showing the issue.

  • Mine is updated to .92. Still, the "selfie panorama" feature is not working. It didn't work with .87 update too. Please guide me...

  • This is exactly what the 5z has an issue. We need this kind of update. As you cam see that rog3 has got a new update and in the release note they have mentioned the bug of multitouch functionality. The same bugs exists in 5z too so please give an update as soon as possible. @amitgarde3 @andelocia@Anders_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @BrunoF20

  • I second the battery drain issues. Idle battery drain is better than before, but while doing light browsing on Firefox and scrolling through Instagram with some light gaming I am getting 4hr SOT. This used to be 5+ before the last update and I am very frustrated because of this. I am ready to provide logs if it will help in fixing this issue once and for all. Please don't introduce major bugs like these in the last update that you are planning to provide at the end of support cycle.

  • I'll try providing a video of what I'm talking about. Hope that helps. Thanks!

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    Please proceed devs need it desperatly for fixing this touch issue for 5z u can share it here and mention mod to see or pm mods


  • Hi @Anders_ASUS please find the gameplay video. Its jittery and one action requires multiple taps sometimes. The graphics is set to medium with medium frame rate. Thanks!

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