Volte will soon be required for TMobile

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According to Android police TMobile will require volte in January 2021 https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/07/23/t-mobile-will-soon-require-volte-on-all-phones-incomopatible-devices-kicked-off-january/ this means that the Zenfone 6 won't work on tmobile anymore in just a few months, I know in the past the mods have said that volte on tmobile is not a priority but maybe it could be a priority now, or is Asus planning on having all TMobile users find a new phone?




  • As of last month, Asus had no plans for US VOLTE. It might be time to buy a new phone.

  • I came here to post this. I have little hope that anyone actually cares about this enough to help us. We probably have a better chance of TMobile backtracking than Asus helping us. But please prove me wrong. Otherwise why not just pull out of the US market entirely in the future. Be all in or get out. No need to trap others.

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    "While T-Mobile, on the other hand, doesn’t use a whitelist for VoLTE compatibility, many unlocked devices just straight up don’t support it regardless. The recently announced ASUS ROG Phone 3 does not currently support VoLTE on the network, for example. It’s not that these phones can’t support VoLTE on T-Mobile, it’s just that the device maker hasn’t done the work to outright support it. Modders on our ROG Phone II forums have figured out the steps needed to enable VoLTE on T-Mobile, proving that a little more work at the factory could enable support.

    Theoretically, as long as your Android device has a working IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) stack, it should support VoLTE on T-Mobile (but not AT&T because of its whitelist system.) Typical Android devices with Qualcomm modems ship with a privileged application that bridges the radio interface layer (RIL) and the IMS, which developers take bundle in their custom ROMs to enable VoLTE support.... If the stock ROM doesn’t support it, then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use the device on AT&T or T-Mobile once they shut down their 3G networks."

  • My wife's new Motorola $220 phone supports VoLTE on T-Mobile.

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    Asus will have to enable it fire TMobile if they want people in America to keep using their phones. I wanted to buy the Zenfone 7 but if they can't enable volte them this is going to be a problem

    I have the 6 now and was waiting for the 7. This is going to hurt Asus sales if they don't do something now. Have any mods spoke on this yet

  • If I may add a bit off topic - VoLTE and VoWiFi are supported also by Polish providers. Could you add respective profiles?

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    Jumped on here to see what kind of answers I could get in light of this recent development. I am currently using a Zenfone 6 on Simple mobile in USA (T-MOBILE MVNO) if VoLTE actually becomes as issue ASUS neglects to resolve, I may be turned away from ASUS products altogether.

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    This needs to be addressed. If our phones will be useless by 2021 we need to know.

  • I expected to use this phone for a couple of years. Now I have to buy a new one before January. I can't decide who I am angrier at, T-Mobile or Asus.

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    T-mobile is looking to the future. It is 2020. VoLTE is not new technology and should be on every released phone.

    I have some VERY faint hope that Asus MIGHT do something to help with this. It will not be possible for them to release the Rog 3 in the US without VoLTE support unless they are purely evil. If they are forced to do that, perhaps they will be motivated to do so for a phone (the Zen6) that is still scheduled for regular updates for another year.

    Some form of statement from the mods would be helpful.

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    Asus ...every other unlocked phone has volte working out the box

  • No responses yet but would be nice to hear. Will tag @Victor0_ASUS as he has been active in a few threads recently.

  • Everybody is real quiet on this important issue.....

  • Are they gonna just ignore this?

  • Hi,

    We are aware of the change notice that has appeared online and we are working with operators for the solutions, will update our conclusion soon.

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    Actually not true. After the XDA-Developers article, ASUS phones became the poster children for VoLTE issues in the USA, but my Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra (North America edition, unlocked) has the same problem. It was released in early 2018 and the only spot LTE services (VoLTE, Video Calling, WiFi Calling) appear is in one of the service menus, and they're greyed out. So I decided to visit the ASUS forums with the hope that someone like @Kris_ASUS might better explain the exact problem.

    ASUS (and Sony and everybody else) knows how to write VoLTE drivers, so why is it necessary to "work with operators"? What happens if you just release your phones blindly into the market? Is there really some kind of interoperability problem...or will T-Mobile just be mad at you? 😁 Maybe I don't understand how the unlocked phone market works? Not that many years ago Verizon and Sprint both ran fully CDMA networks where every phone had to be certified, but I thought the point of having an unlocked phone is that IT WORKS EVERYWHERE. PERIOD.

    A user at XDA-Developers wrote last year about a VoLTE certification program at T-Mobile: <link removed because this is my first post>

    which he says is ongoing. One of the options he suggests phone makers have is to "Ignore T-Mobile forbiddance and distribute devices capable of the Enhanced LTE on the T-Mobile USA network without going through the T-Mobile USA certification", which sounds good to me. The "white lists" used by AT&T (and I think Verizon), while not outright illegal, fly in the face of what people expect from an unlocked phone. And T-Mobile's certification program IMHO strays a little too close to extortion: "pay our fee or we turn your phones into paperweights".

    I for one am not taking this quietly and am in the process of notifying my legislators in Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, my state's Attorney General, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and probably a few members of the media, to see if they can figure out what's really going on. And I encourage US readers here to do the same, With the loss of Sprint, this country is down to three national carriers and we don't need any more anti-competitive behavior.

    Sorry for the rant. 😅

  • Yea I need to know if I need to get a new phone....I'd like to get the zenfone 7...but I'm worried about Asus not enabling VOLTE on TMobile now

  • I wonder if the decision by Asus to not release the Zenfone 7 in the US is a bad harbinger.

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