Broken display without any physical damage

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While charging my phone (ROG PHONE 2)and playing a game, the screen suddenly had a glitch and completely went black with in minutes and crack started to appear on the inner display of the phone.

When i took it to the service center, all they claimed and forced me to pay for the replacement when there is warranty. Even though there is no physical damage on the phone, they are only forcing me to pay for the replacement and not considering into checking for the warranty. Please note THERE IS NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE and I'm attaching the proof also.

Being Gorilla Glass 6, the least expected was that it doesn't easily break even though it fell down. But my phone neither fell down or physically damaged and it happened. On top of that there is a tempered glass for protection.Even that has not sign of physical damage. How can this is considered as Customer Induced physical damage? which is I think is unfair ethics followed by service center. Any solution for this? I can bring the phone for on site inspection to prove that there is NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE

Today was the bad experience with the service center. First of all, there was no one at the counter to receive the customer and check the phone, I had to wait for an hour for them to visit and their way of handling is very unprofessional with a very much negative attitude and this has to be addressed seriously.

Buying a premium phone and suffering with this due to poor product quality. Totally fed up. This is happening to an ASUS ROG fan and an ASUS loyal customer. I already have 2 ASUS work laptops, and personally own ROG Laptop(GL552VW) and ROG Phone.



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    It is hard to tell if the phone or the screen protector is broken based from the picture. Are you sure it is not the tempered glass it's not broken?

  • Tempered glass is perfectly alright. I could see the inner display broken in certain angles.

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    I won't say it's "perfectly alright" for the tempered glass because you can see light reflecting from where it is broken. I can't see the inner display broken though. I could be wrong which is why service centre is the best way.

    Whichever way you go, you still need to take it for a repair.

    There's no different versions of Gorilla Glass 6 by the way. It can with stand scratches but it isn't scratch or drop proof. But this is the same for all Gorilla Glass 6 from different manufacturers.

  • But the problem is the phone was never dropped, still the phone display broke just like that. And service center still wants me to sweat price for the replacement, I dont think thats reasonable.

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    I don't know if someone here from ASUS can help you, but a broken glass does not neccessarily have to come from a drop. Pressure too much on the screen can cause the inner display to be broken(not saying you have done that). Most common cases is sitting on your phone when you don't know.

    It's probably worth saying what you were doing when you noticed it was broken to the repair centre/or if you want here too.

  • The phone was just charging and was playing a game! Nothing else. While playing there was a glitch on the screen like a distorted images and all of a sudden went black. Within minutes, the crack started to appear.

    The phone was used with utmost care and the phone is less than a year old. The scenarios you mentioned is not at all possible since it was on my hand and a game was running. I dont guess you can apply too much of pressure with your fingers unless you are a strongest man on earth.

    My question is, why dont ASUS accept it as defective in their product? I have been reading exact scenarios happening to the ROG Phone 2 users alone. I suppose its not a co-incidence.

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    Hey man! Sorry to hear that, this is EXACTLY what I went through as well. Let me guess, the ASUS repair center was in Grapvevine, Texas right?

    Yeah they (ASUS) don't honor their warranty worth a shit. What is clearly a manufacturing problem is suddenly turned into a CID (Customer Induced Damage) because they scratch your phone at the repair center and claim that scratch is the reason why your phone won't charge/turn on.

    File a claim with your bank, IMMEDIATELY. Make sure to save all photos and email documentation, in addition to the amount they tried to charge you to fix the phone that is apparently not under warranty. Let your bank know that ASUS has a forum for this phone and EVERYONE has been complaining about this issue for the past 3 months.

    You will win the claim, I promise. ASUS won't find against the claim, because they know they are wrong. Get your money back and go with a different company, there ARE much better phones! I used to have a Samsung Note 3, 5, 8, then went to the ROG II. I've never had this screen problem with any of my notes, yet I had not one, but TWO ROG phones go black screen within a month (the first ROG was the 12GB 512GB gloss version, the second ROG was the 12GB 1TB matte black version)

    After I got my money back I still wanted a phone with a 120hz refresh rate. I decided to drop the money on the OnePlus 8 Pro, and I couldn't be any happier. 120hz PLUS a 4k display, versus the ROG's 120hz with 1080p.

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    "Pressure too much on the screen can cause the inner display to be broker" lmao, sounds like excuses. If a phone screen cracks because of slightly more pressure, then it is a CHEAP screen. I've dropped Samsung phones on accident face down and half the time nothing ever happened. This phone would probably crack into a million pieces lmao

  • @rjay Exactly, thats the problem with this phone and nobody believes it. Even service center guys trying to rip off.

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    If you have seen JerryRig doing teardowns, then you would know that glass is fragile. One bend can cause the glass panel to shatter. Common sense really.

    I obviously can't comment on how the original OP got to where it is now which was why I left it to the last response.

    But don't be naive to tell me unknown force is breaking the inner glass or are you treating the same drop height and assume it breaks for everyone else.

    Remember the old Nokia 3310s? Many drops and it doesn't break, guess why? Plastics.

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    You completely missed the point ronald.....

    It wasn't about the physics of glass, we ALL know that if you bend glass, it breaks.... The point was about how the ROG II has a cheap display.

    Also, no one mentioned anything about a BEND, we are talking about PRESSURE. Those are two COMPLETELY different things!!

    If I press my thumb really hard on my Note 3 right now, nothing is going to happen.

    If I do that on this phone, the phone will probably crack on the inside.

    That tells me this phone has a cheaply made display. Again, we are talking about PRESSURE, not BENDING. No need to try and twist words around to suit your own agenda.

    When did I make assumption about drop height? All I simply said was that this phone has a cheap display because if an older android device can survive 12+inches with no damage and this phone can't survive past 3+, then there is a problem here....

    Nobody mentioned anything about extinct phones, lets focus on SMARTPHONES.....

  • I actually blame the weight of this phone for the fall damage if there is any. This phone is heavy and by heavy i mean when you dont have a case on and no screen protector, there is garunteed damage. I have not faced any problem like this and my phone fell couple of times from high height and still no damage (i have case and screen protector on). I hope i dont face this issue. It might be few of rog phones are defective and are breaking easily. You bought phone in 2020?? I bought mine in october 2019 and still no issues. 8gb/128gb

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    @siyamkumar , I suggest you PM a moderator/admin to help out, if you think the damage was done of no fault of your own. As mentioned in other post, one of the admin/moderators wants to know about the cases if you have been defrauded by a service centre.

    Sorry @rjay , can't really have a discussion if you argue against school science. Yes, bend is different to pressure. But pressure what makes a material bend. I'm happy to continue with discussions through PM if you wish. Have a great day!

  • @ronald1985 I have been writing mails to ASUS support and other necessary stakeholders. I just made this post on public because I believe that every ROG users should know about this. I will be keep on writing until I get a solution for this.

  • Trust me, they wont help until you pay the screen replacement. Its clearly stated that if the screen breaks no matter how it will not be covered in warranty. Its heart breaking but its the truth. I hope you get the help you need.

  • @Akash Gupta Lets see about it. Worst case scenario, I will be taking them to twitter. Guess they need to honor a active twitter handle who has more than 10K followers.

  • Only if it affects their sale such as rog 3. If you manage to impact their new launch sales then surely you will be noticed.

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    If it doesn't have any noticeable physical damage it'll be replaced under warranty

    I know a guy who got a free replacement for a similar issue (internal break)

  • Thats great. My friend paid 15k rs for replacement and now they are giving free replacements. I am surprised.

  • @Averan They are supposed to replace it under warranty at no extra cost. Unfortunately these service centre guys are not willing to accept it and replace it. They just want to rip off the customers.

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