Status of Rog phone 2 before launch of Rog phone 3

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Hi Guys,

Rogphone 3 is about to launch. I just wanted to know how many of you are satisfied with Rogphone 2.

I know there are some people who are facing different issues like

1. Sudden restart and power off

2. Screen goes black

3. Heating issue

4. FOTA update issue

5. Battery drain issue

6. Screen freezing when browsing which is a android issue

TBH, I don't have any of the above issues except no. 6.

I have purchased my phone on October in the first sale.

I am using my phone for

A. 1 hour of COD

B. 2 hours of Netflix

C. 45 mins max for YouTube

D. 1.5 hours of Whatsapp

E. 1 hours of internet browsing

F. 1 hour for Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

G. Ecommerce sites for 30 mins

With 90hz refresh rate I am almost getting 9 hours of SOT regular basis.

Fingerprint scanner has improved a lot since last 2 updates.

So I am very happy with Asus Rogphone 2 and definitely refer my friends to buy Rogphone 3.

Anyone out there like me without facing any of the above mentioned issues?


  • JopsikJopsik Level 1

    the phone is super! but there are problems. and they started with the last two updates. began to freeze and reboot + the battery drains very quickly and there is no function for eliminating flickering (PWM) of the screen (DC diming)

  • I believe Asus will fix those issues in upcoming updates.

  • I've owned the rog 2 since April. No issues. I haven't received notifications for updates though. I always had to run a manual update check for it to pop up. The exception is this latest update. The first I got a system notification for. Clicked install and it installed no problem. I haven't been experiencing any with the update like so many others have reported. I absolutely love my rog 2. The nicest phone I've ever owned. I plan on sticking with asus phones when it comes to future purchases. Very happy with the products as well as the support

  • rjayrjay Level 2

    I had two ROG IIs. The first one had a black screen after a month, it was the 12GB RAM 512GB gloss version. ASUS refused to fix, and I filed a claim to get my money back rather than paying their bullshit charge.

    I gave them a second chance and ordered the 12GB RAM 1TB matte black version. The screen went black in less than a week, and I got my refund quickly because it was within 30 days.

    My hunch tells me it's an issue with the cooling fan being bent in your pocket. Both times I put my phone in my pocket, and when I pulled it out the screen just went black. I think that if the cooling fan bends just a little bit, it does something to the screen that makes the display nonfunctional.

    I loved the look of the phone.... but carrying a cool looking brick doesn't help me, and I can't keep ordering new ROG phones.....

    I went with OnePlus because I heard rave reviews about the OnePlus 8 Pro. I love the 8 Pro, it is by far a much better phone than the ROG (bigger screen, better resolution, better OS, better camera, 120hz refresh rate).

    Honestly, the only things I miss from the ROG is the RGB lighting and cooling fan. I can always buy an LED case for my 8 Pro... but I can't buy a cooling fan attachment. I also miss the air triggers.

    The pros of the 8 Pro outweigh the pros of the ROG II. I don't plan on ever returning to ASUS due to the nightmare that is their customer service.

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    I am satisfied with my experience with ROG 2 at the moment. Like some people have pointed out, the update to security patches is quite slow.

    In comparison, 2 months for 1 security patch update, unlike Samsung are doing them monthly rollouts. Probably are pros and cons to these update as to why Samsung are always constantly making changes to their phones. Flip the coin, you can probably say ASUS is not quick enough to fix the issues that they get, but to me I haven't had much of a problem.

    But for me in a positive way, I can use my phone longer than my previous phone without having to constant charge it, which means I can play games for longer. For me, using ROG 2 has always been about games rather than customisations, which I know some of the group would like.

  • I have had a good experience with the phone, I am greatful to not really suffer any bugs.

    My biggest pain is the battery life seems crap, it feels like a 3000Mah battery rather than a 5800-6000 one which was advertised. I'm not sure if it's just something that can be fixed or something deep inside the software that causes such a drain.

    Software updates are okay althouugh sometimes a security update has been out of date a few times which was annoying. My only concern is how long will they support this phone before its dropped? It's not even been a year and the 3rd one is already coming out and I feel abit conned in some aspects regarding lifespan. I just hope they keep to their word of Android 11 coming to ROG2 and that it gets updates to improve performance, battery and bug fixes for at least another year on top. The specs of this phone should last a long time but I feel the phone will slowly become a dead weight once support is dropped which is a shame because again, if this phone was supported longer then this could last a good 6 years at least. Rather an old supported phone than throwing away a new phone every 2 years.

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