Stereo Speaker Surround Sound?

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I'm not sure if this was a feature

When i just got the rog phone 2 (android 9) and watch movies on it, someday i played a movie file that came with DTS 5.1 audio track

The sound came out from phone dual speakers, sounds really big difference like somekind of virtual surround sound,

It worked for the default video player that came with the rog phone, but does not support things like to select multiple audio track and subtitle ( features from players like MXplayer, VLC Player,etc).

So I use my favorite video player like MX Player, but to enable that great surround like sound on the dual speaker, I need to select (HW) ,

if i pick (HW+) or (SW) it has no sound with message popup "The audio format (DTS) are not supported." To enable MXplayer to play DTS audio format with HW+ mode, I loaded custom codec for the MX Player. After that, HW+ is now able to play the audio but it sounds just the standard Stereo sound,

So i switch back to HW mode, I can still enjoy the surround like sound from the dual speakers.

Until there is an android 9 update early this year, just some minor update and security updates, after i updated my rog phone 2, the surround sound no longer works, it just the standard stereo sound for both hw and hw+ on MX Player

I tried to play the movie file on default player, then it no longer has audio on default player (which was working before and with surround sound) restart the phone doesn't helped.

Tried many way, reinstall mx player ended up all hw hw+ and sw mode with no audio, with message (The audio format (DTS) is not supported).

So i gave up and just reload the custom cidec for mx player, stick with the standard stereo sound.

Sometime around April, i went back to rewatch the movie again by chance, it magically worked again, HW mode enables surround sound on dual speakers just like it did before.. i had no idea why then continue to enjoy it.

So until recent latest android 10 update, once again it broke right after the update finished.

Until now I can no longer to make the surround sound works again on the dual speaker.

Was that a surround sound feature on dual speaker? Can anyone confirm this? If thats a feature, how to fix it?

The only thing i havent tried is to reset the entire phone, because I have massive data on the phone, it's gonna be alot of work to backup just for a reset.

FYI the movie file audio format is:

profile: DTSHD MA

Surround 5.1

surround sound was working on

-default gallery video player

-MX Player (HW mode)


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