Asus after service engineer was trying to steal my personal information

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I need your help


Asus after service engineer was trying to steal my personal information


My laptop ASUS zenbook I bought in this January broke the third time


I asked the ASUS service center to repair it on first of July


And The ASUS after service engineer bring my laptop to his house –what???? Why? Unbelievable


I got a message that someone is trying to login your Microsoft outlook account, if you want to login click the correct number


I got a this message from Microsoft Authenticator app on my mobile phone at 00:15


I almost fell asleep

After I got this, I was shocked

and I send the message to him and ask what are you doing now? Why you trying to login to my outlook account??????


Then he said I am installing the screenpad driver


He is installing driver in the middle of the night????

With my outlook account????

In his house?????


What kind of after service engineer don't have a driver????


What kind of after service engineer need to login customer's account without any notice?


He must login to Microsoft outlook account by customer's account?

This is no way

Is this really ASUS S.O.P.(standard operating procedure)???


This is how ASUS treat customer's personal information

This is ridiculous



I protested to ASUS KOREA officially

And they said they will call me later

But they didn't say anything until now

They did not apologize at all


This is something ASUS korea doesn't care about at all

They just want to hide from this

So I need ASUS Head office's case investigation

I need ASUS Head office's help

I am sure that ASUS Head office is different,

you are honest and you can fix it

I want the truth

I want asus korea’s sincere apology


Please take this seriously

I hope to get your reply a.s.a.p.




  • Hello Moon,

    Please kindly provide your SN and RMA number in the PM I send you.

    Thank you so much.

  • Hello

    is it O.K. I leave the SN or RMA number on here?

    they still have a my zenbook from 2020.07.01

    they didn't say pick it up or anything about my laptop

    I have to use it for my work

    but I can't more then one week

    and they just leave it as like this

    I am so angry with this attitude

    so I will visit to them and I will pick up on today

    I don't know what will happen today

    Thanks for your comment

    I will update it

  • Hello Moon,

    Please provide them in PM , not in Public thread.

    Thank you very much.

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