Elgato external capture card 4K60 S+

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Can i use this to livestream to youtube?I have ROG PHONE II, I want complete parts list for using this capture card..


  • Things you'll need:

    C-type to hdmi cable

    Laptop/desktop with i5 gtx600 or higher

    Hdmi included in box

    Aux cable if you want to play pubg and talk to team mates ingame

    Hdmi splitter ( for me i didnt need hdmi splitter idk why but for me it works fine without hdmi splitter.)

    3.5mm splitter ( you can either connect your headset on pc or use splitter to head sound in your headphone.)

    IMPORTANT: You must have USB 3.0 drivers installed in your pc or laptop otherwise it will not work. THE PRODUCT DOESNT HAVE RETURN OR REPLACEMENT POLICY ON AMAZON SO CHOOSE WISELY. Also on amazon.in there is no info on warranty so its also about luck if you recieve a good product which is 90% chance it will not be defective.

    Hopefully this helped.

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