Bugs In Asus ZM Pro M1 Android 10 Beta 3

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Bugs in Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Android 10 Beta 3

Build Number-


Bugs Which was also present in Beta 1 & beta 2.and still not fixed in this new beta 3.

1) Sound quality through earphones is still weird. (No bass effect)

2) Setting suggestion is not removable. {E.g-Customize your ZB601KL suggestion in setting} (screenshot attached)

3) Huge gap in navigation button while using android 10 special gesture navigation. (Screenshot attached)

4) Google search widget is not removable.

5) Charging vibration is too loud.

6) no option to desable vibration when unlock with fingerprint.(when fingerprint rejected its vibration is GOOD and Natural but when fingerprint accepts its vibrate like android 9 charge connect vibration and no option to desable it)

7) discharge in idle mode.

8) something app menu blank.(screenshot attached)

9)in dark mode ,white background in Setting search .(screenshot attached)

10)when i call myself from another phone, its showing call notification after 4 seconds,and then asus rings for only 2 second.(during total 6 second of ringing)


When Charging

15%-40% =200mA-400mA

40%-50% =1600mA

50%-70% =1400mA

70%-90% =1000mA

90%-95% =400mA(showing Rapidly charging )(screenshot attached)

95%-100% =300mA-400mA (Not rapidly, Normal charging)

Battery backup is good.

How to Fix sound problem temporary:

for sound problem though earphone - use poweramp app-set output Hi-Res Outout-select Sample rate 384kHz then restart your phone and quick play any song from poweramp through earphones.and turn the bass knob to full in Poweramp app equilizer. (Now you will have good sound quality only in poweramp app )



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