Extremely disappointed with asus

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I'm a professional in a similar tecnical field. I hate to say but I'm extremely disappointed by how Asus responds to their customers.

This community is just for name sake, irregular replies , extremely slow updates and disinterest towards community demands.

Asus never understood the fact that good software is not just desirable but a requirement. Bragging about hardware is not enough.


  • Wait for few random community members who will come now and show Samsung and OnePlus as examples as a cover-up and bash me for saying this.

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    @deeppaul589 I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. It's obvious from your earlier posts here on Zentalk that you care about the ROG II and want to make it better. We do appreciate your commitment to finding bugs, as well as your suggestions for future content updates.

    As you would know from working in a similar field however, it's not simply a question of adding new features as they pop up in a forum thread. If it feels like we're not taking notice, it's not because of disinterest, it's because we don't want to make empty promises.

  • I understand some features take more rigorous effort. But atleast add the simple features....like the torch app I suggested.

    You have access to the APIs that I don't have.

    And if you really appreciate my efforts , then take atleast some of my suggestion into account.

    I can tell ASUS is falling behind competition, in terms of software.

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    Yup now that Boycottchina products is trending in India ,if Asus introduce new affordable product and improve their software they will definitely get huge market in India.

  • Please fix overheating issue after A10 latest update my phone are not playable when screen recording while playing it keeps restarting and shutting down my phone randomly.. its not what asus promise as a gaming phone. Now its just a phone with a messy features.. so disappointed

  • Yeah i agree with you, but i think ASUS has tried to get better, I see ASUS accepts and responds well to suggestions and input from Zenfans when they come to my country and their CEO meet with us to discuss about what the next generation zenfone.

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    Dude Asus isn't gonna make promises for bloatware like RGB torch apps... They in the starting offered a lot of bloatware until Zenui 6. And everyone like Zenui 6 since it doesn't offer bloatware.

    There are people out there who like bloatware , but they are very much limited. One who uses device for more of a professional reason doesn't want bloatware. And being honest if you even get apps like RGB torch for which you are crying out loud for several months now, even if they make a application like that, if anyone is drunken enough to stand properly would second guess to use that application in public.

    I would recommend buying a Chinese gaming mobile next time if you want bloatware as they will make anything you want because they don't care much about clean UI.

    P.S. they listen to customers. They just ignore crazy requests.

  • Don't generalize the community by your requirements, your using or not using an app will not make a feature bloatware.

    The torch was just a example, there are other features also I suggested.

    And is it a need to use this feature in public ?! Looks like you've it all wrong.

    PS : I tend to stay away from dumbness , so please don't mind if don't reply to your further comments

  • People have been asking Asus to fix a lot of issues that came with A10 and we still haven't received any update. Fanboying over a company that hates listening to their user base is pure stupidity.

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    What people actually want is to see the RGB LED working with apps or while playing games when they have X Mode on.

    Apart from the RGB Torch App, we do have Flashlight too. Personally, I would use the Flashlight to see in the dark as heck, you probably scare people with blue, red or green face. The RGB capable phone case is another example, but that cost money, so I think the fanbase here would want to see something out of the LED RGB but cost little or no money. The RGB is ASUS's niche area I guess.

    I don't think it should be part of the system, but an app that you can download from Play Store and this way you don't get the bloatware argument as some may find it useful and some don't.

  • App that controls a hardware which is currently useless is in my opinion very nice to have and i bet none of the people will get annoyed by such app. Create a poll if you want proof or if you want to prove me wrong.

  • A case that costs around 60-120 dollars and breaks on one fall is useless and waste of money unless you are a millionare or an asus fan boy. That case is not durable and not worth the money just for theme and to activate the second flashlight. That is the most useless accessory asus made in rog 2 (ofc after aeroactive cooler ii). So maybe making use of hardware of any kind which is currently not being used because of some stupid accessory is necessary to add in phone.

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    We want to see some way to use the unused hardware. Its an absolutely unique feature.

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    Type .12345+= in the calculator app then click single test and now the last 3 options in that will show us how the rgb led looks like. don't forget to turn on rgb logo before you perform the test

    Also change rbg logo setting to color cycle when screen is on,in armoury crate and run the test Now the led flashes in accordance with the color of rgb logo

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