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Rog 8 pro

Star II

With this 34.1420.1420.407 new update totally ruined my air triggers it becomes much worst than previous updates and my device temperature goes upto to 48°c ...I really disappointed and regret for this 1300 dollars device which is useless...Asus same on u and u become the no 1 fraud...Fix this or stop making devices like this crap 


Star III

Waste of 1800$ ,lot of small issues and basic issues , bought this phone for Air trigger and couldn't use it .

Yes indeed this phone is a garbage and yet Dey talking no 1...useless and complete frauds...after so many complaints about air triggers still Dey don't do anything ...


Hello @SiLeNcEYT 
What is it you are experiencing? Could you please explain with more details?
After an update it is normal to experience some Android issues, have you tried doing a reset?

After this 34.1420.1420.407 update there is three major issues still ruining my device which is  1. AIR TRIGGERS need more pressure to use in all games and it doesn't have consistency ,2. Wifi speed become very low and signal lost specially if i close the door it's become very worse even I have 500 Mbps speed connection,3. Device temperature goes upto to 48 °c 

I have tried reset many times but still all these happening and am very disappointed on Asus products ...